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1,6 Billion Tons of Greenhouse Gases Won’t Be Emitted If Humanity Reduces Meat Consumption by Half

reducing meat consumption

The state of the environment is getting worse every year and humanity ration has a huge impact on it. The production of animal products emits vast amounts of CO2, biological pathogens, and greenhouse gases into nature which places food production on par with transport and fuel industries.

Humanity consumes more animal products than ever according to studies by using an irrational amount of natural resources such as agricultural land, timber, and water.

The meat industry has the biggest impact among all animal-based industries and it’s only a question of time when humanity will be forced to reduce meat consumption. Cattle-breeding and animal farm supplying requires a lot of land, fodder, and transforming these priceless resources into the land- and air pollutants.

Recent research found out that the reduction of meat consumption by half will prevent the emitting of 1,6 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Such numbers will be gained within a decade of consumption reduction and such changes in the world’s ration should be implemented urgently according to recent environmental studies.

Food industry emissions will rise by ten percent if it doesn’t happen. Our planet’s state is very unsustainable now and given the growth rate of the planet’s population such a tendency could have fatal consequences for the environment.

The current pattern of human progress could be ended as a sci-fi anti-utopia. The existing global food system is not sustainable for many reasons and humanity should realize that it is possible to grow food without any harm to the planet’s ecosphere.

Food industry isn’t the only factor that determines the environmental state but it is the most verifiable.

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