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2020 Is Considered as the First Official Vegan Year

vegan year

Popular publisher Vogue has announced that 2020 will be considered as the first official vegan year. Veganism is on its peak of popularity and vegan is the most popular tag on Instagram now with more than eighty-seven million publications.

Sales of vegan products have grown rapidly in recent years and overcame America’s fast-food sales ten times according to The Economist journal. Veganism is a philosophy that became the dominant movement in society.

Its popularity can be easily explained because veganism brings numerous benefits for the ones who chose to live an eco-friendly and cruelty-free life. Excluding only a half of animal products from your diet will reduce your ration’s carbon footprint twice.

Also, recent surveys have shown that more than half of America’s and Great Britain’s adults want to reduce the consumption of red meat according to a research company Mintel. There’s no certainty that’s going to happen but veganism is gradually gaining momentum.

Worldwide corporations such as KFC, Starbucks, Subway, and Pizza Hut worry only about their income but several vegan dishes and beverages were introduced into their menus in recent years. Such fundamental changes in world-class business can say a lot about veganism popularity but of course, these innovations could only be an attempt to eat the ginger.

The «Golden Globe Award» ceremony’s guests were treated with a hundred percent vegan menu comprising a golden beet soup and cauliflower, carrot, and pinto-beans salad. The menu included a vegan version of a famous «Opera» cake.

Veganism can reduce the environmental impact which humanity has done on the planet and lower the rates of the climate crisis. Reduced water, earth, and air pollution alongside the saving of resources and agricultural grounds will help us to save what’s left from our planet.

A vegan diet is way healthier than a modern diet which includes harmful and processed animal products. Even traditional for our society products such as milk and eggs have become malicious towards us. Hormones, antibiotics, and fodders filled with chemicals and food additives are making them unhealthy.

Veganism is a symbol of a cruelty-free and eco-friendly life and people becoming vegans for different reasons. But they all have something in common – a sense of care for our planet and all living creatures on it.

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