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741 Million Dollars Will Be Invested in Plant-Based Meat This Year

plant-based meat

741 million dollars will be invested in plant-based meat this year. This is a huge sum that will be put into something that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Plant-based meat introduced to the market not so long ago and gained mass popularity as a vegan alternative to meat ingredients in common meals such as fast-food burgers, pizza, or sausages.

And now investors from throughout the world invest their money in this product. Plant-based meat is made of soy or legumes and has the same taste and texture characteristics as the «real» meat.

Meat industry is going through a tough time despite the success of fast-food corporations and established human ration which includes numerous meat products from beef steaks and bacon to sausages and processed hams. Recent coronavirus outbreaks and changes in food preferences among all social classes have caused a huge financial loss for the meat industry.

The environmental state is another reason why plant-based meat attracts so tremendous investments. Our planet flies in the face of environmental and resource crises so the upcoming rejection from meat products is reasonably expected.

Meat production requires a lot of natural irreplaceable resources such as water, agricultural lands, and vast amounts of cattle fodder. It is hard to believe that our planet could cope with such anthropogenic factors given the population’s growth and existing level of consumption.

Meat manufacturers and other related companies are investing now in vegan products and other plant-based alternatives to traditional animal products.

There are vegan alternatives to every widespread animal-based product. Vegan eggs, sausages, plant-based milk and meat, dairy, and plant-based butter are available in every local supermarket and the consumption of vegan alternatives is expected to be much higher.

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