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A Call to Stop the Widespread Breeding of Chickens with Additional Substances

Morrisons Chicken Supplier

A chicken company that delivers its products to Morrisons Supermarket has been accused of animal cruelty. An investigation confirms the facts.

Animal rights advocates are standing up for the rights of helpless creatures in every way they can. They understand that such birds are forced to grow much larger than their natural size because of additional additives. A horrifying picture was captured at the facility.

Doomed Chickens

Earlier this year, an animal welfare organization investigated Cuttings Farm and Silver Drift Farm.

Both large farms are operated by Banham Poultry and are accredited under the Red Tractor Assurance scheme.

Despite this, the charity claims to have witnessed chickens suffering severe deformities since hatching. Some were dying of their own weight, and other birds were even eating them.

Thousands of animals on the farm had red, painful burns on their skin from lying in their own waste.

Criticism Toward Morrisons

The Morrisons chain has been blamed for poor supplier selection. Animal advocates are urging Morrisons to sign a welfare-for-life policy document aimed at stopping the rapid growth of high-yield chicken breeding in the livestock industry.

Other retailers around the world have already pledged to stop selling chickens from this supplier.

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