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A New Vegan Brand From the Star for a Sense of Uniqueness and Beauty

Popular Harry Styles

Music legend Harry Styles announced the launch of his long-awaited beauty project. It’s a new brand called Pleasing. The variety of products is the same for both women and men and has no limits. But most importantly, the company is against the use of animal products and does not test its cosmetics on animals.

As Harry says, he wants self-care with cosmetics not to mask people’s flaws, but to emphasize their uniqueness and beauty.

Pleasing is preparing to produce cosmetics that can be used by absolutely everyone. Stiles promises that now everyone without exception will feel beautiful.

After all, beauty is not just about looking good. It’s about shining internally and radiating pleasant energy.;

Alternative cosmetics company

the Popular Harry Styles

At the moment there are skin serums and nail polish sets, which are often used by the musician himself.

The first to launch was nail polish. Harry Styles was inspired by different colors and wanted to put them on his nails.

But the whole cosmetics line is devoted to a greater variety of products.

The Pleasing brand makes its products from recycled plastic and compostable biosourced paper. In addition, the products are devoid of hazardous elements such as formaldehyde, parabens and sulfates.

Pleasing products are available for pre-order now. But the brand officially launches on November 29.

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