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A Plant-Based Alternative to Meat from Souvla in San Francisco: New Beef Generation

Plant-Based Alternative Meat Souvla

Vegan lamb, as a diet product, will now be available thanks to Souvla’s Greek-origin cafĂ© An innovation from San Francisco-based Black Sheep Foods (BSF), vegan lamb, is a great protein and protein option.

A New Generation Meat

The product is as good as pork, chicken or any other meat of similar origin. Black Sheep Lamb, made from pea protein, has already been patented. Any product is available in small bites, which can be ordered on the menu from Souvla.

The basic variety of dishes from Souvla hasn’t changed in about 8 years. It’s been a long time since we’ve found a decent substitute for animal meat that combines flavour and quality. Finally, the Souvla management realised that it’s time to introduce a new, fantastic plant-based product to the menu. This is a definite step towards expanding the vegan culture and increasing the number of potential customers.

New Vegan Meat in San Francisco

The debut of BSF’s new plant-based lamb is featured in almost all of the chain’s restaurants. The process of introducing the novelty has been launched, and that is the most important thing. The innovative vegan meat will also be available for local and national delivery.

Vegan Culture Expands

The idea of meat from BSF came about only a couple of years ago. While companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have created plant-based beef, pork and chicken, BSF is introducing plant-based meat replacements for other animals. For example, it is a rare species of New Zealand Tunis lamb.

Black Sheep Foods wants to expand plant-based meat production, making vegan alternatives tastier than animal meat.

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