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A Revolutionary Vegan Novelty on the World Gastronomic Market by Chef Marco Pierre White

Vegan Lamb from Michelin-Starred

Chef Marco Pierre White is the first British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars. Not long ago, he introduced whole-grain vegan lamb and beef to the menus of his 22 steakhouses in the U.K.

Produced thanks to the Israeli company Redefine Meat, this alternative to meat is made only with new technologies. The company’s innovative equipment allows it to recreate all the details of lamb and beef cuts but only from plant-based ingredients.

When the chef first tried Redefine Meat, he was thrilled. Chef supports the idea that the world should consume less real meat. Redefine Meat’s New-Meat products are pure health and quality protein, giving you all the benefits of a plant-based product in addition to incredible flavor and texture.

Successful Chef

In 1994, White had already become the youngest chef to receive three MIchelin stars. He’s also thanks to the fact that he literally made Gordon Ramsay cry. Now this chef is focused on the future and looking to completely replace environmentally harmful animal products with healthy alternatives.

Whole Мegan Meat Impresses Other Experts as Well

Other well-known chefs have added Redefine Lamb and Redefine Beef to their menus, including Michelin-starred Dutch chef and TV host Ron Blauw; Joachim Gerner, chef of FACIL restaurant in Berlin; and renowned Israeli chef Shahaf Shabtai. This is the first time that whole vegan meat has been so widely available around the world.

Redefine Meat, as of 2019, uses 3D technology that displays 70 sensory parameters to create vegan meats that mimic the taste, texture and juiciness of a whole piece of animal meat. The company offers a range of meat products already served in about 150 restaurants across Israel.

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