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About Us

Welcome to our vegan blog! We are glad you took a few minutes to learn something new and interesting about veganism. Our goal is not to impose new preferences on you or to judge people who like meat. We want to show that veganism is not a newfangled trend, but a way of life for those who are already or are thinking of becoming a vegetarian.

Who are we, and how do we try to do this? We are a team of enthusiasts who want to show that veganism is not about limitations, but opportunities. And we do it through our articles in different sections of our blog!


Vegetarian food can be delicious and healthy. It is not at all necessary to look for special vegan cafés or stores. You can cook something delicious yourself and find a substitute for any product, even milk or meat. In this section, you will always find out how to male a vegan order in any café.


We have hundreds of simple and delicious recipes for you that you would want to cook as soon as you see the ready-made dishes in the pictures. Even if you are not a vegetarian, but just interested in this topic, then try to cook some delicious cake. We are sure you would enjoy it.


Veganism would not harm your health in any way as long as your menu is balanced correctly. In this section, you will learn about replacing essential protein for the body, and much more. Many vegan foods are even healthier.


Calling yourself vegan requires it to become your lifestyle. It’s pretty simple and benefits not only you but the environment as well. Find out what type of vegan you are and how to diversify your life without breaking your principles.


You are not alone on the path to veganism. Among the stars, athletes, doctors and thousands of others, there are those who support you and inspire others to join this lifestyle. Find out more about them, maybe you can emphasize something new for yourself.


This section is not only about new vegan trends, interesting news, but also about what would make your heart beat faster – companies testing cosmetics on animals, countries where rare animals are ingredients of medical and cosmetic products, and much more.

Meat Analogue

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to give up burgers, bacon, etc. There are many meat substitutes that would make your meal a thousand times better. You will also find out how such a replacement can benefit you.

If you have questions or topics to discuss, feel free to ask us about them!