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About us

The consumption of animal products has many controversial issues. Ethical, health and environmental issues have been raised in recent decades since society has begun to realize that we can’t treat animals as food only.

Animals can feel and realize what’s happening to them and although the consumption of animal products causes tremendous damage to nature, exactly ethical issues convince more and more people to choose a vegan lifestyle.

Veganism became widely popular in recent decades thanks to the increased interest from society. But what is veganism?

Veganism is considered as a cruelty-free lifestyle which excludes the consumption of all animal products and products which production had caused any harm to the animals.

But such a brave and significant move will be rewarded with inner balance, cleaner conscience, and a healthier body. A person changes internally and goes through several internal experiences – ethical, philosophical, and physical that bring internal changes.

Ethical experience is the first that a person might feel since the adoption of veganism. A significant part of novice vegans decided to maintain a plant-based diet to save animals and spare their sufferings. Animal cruelty is the most noticeable consequence of animal consumption. Billions of animals are slaughtered every year, while those who survived are kept in cramped, unsanitary, and inhumane conditions. Most of them will never see sunlight and breathe fresh air.

Animal exploitation is inhumane and our consciousness only worsens the situation. We’re the only conscious creatures on the Earth and since other animals can’t stand for themselves only we can protect them and prevent animal cruelty and injustice. But we don’t do that. The progress allows us to avoid such cruelty and levels of technology development enable us to use plant resources to produce enough healthy and nutritious food. It seems like only human ignorance and outdated habits prevent the global transition to a healthier and cruelty-free vegan diet.

Philosophical experience enables us to reconsider our outlook on life and become a kinder and enlightened person. A cruelty-free lifestyle can change everyone for the better and improve our mental health. A lot of people don’t realize that their consumption choices cause tremendous suffering and increase the amount of violence in the world. Such ignorance causes subconscious anxiety that affects mental health and overall well-being.

The physical experience provides a better state of health, increased stamina, and vigor. A lot of long-termed and aging-related diseases can be prevented by following a vegan diet. Red meat, dairy, eggs, and fish cause multiple health issues in a long-term period and their overconsumption can lead to fatal consequences. Veganism provides a cleaner and sustainable life, which improves human well-being and many aspects of everyday life.

Our society becomes more cognizant and empathic towards the animals and the Earth. Our planet rolls towards an irreversible crisis, and only a small part of humanity realizes that the evident progress will hit a dead end. Great changes are necessary if we want to save our planet from the irrevocable destruction.

It’s up to every person to make choices and take the Earth’s future into his own hands.