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Adidas Launches Vegan Version of Its Iconic Models

vegan adidas

New Adidas footwear lineup «Our Icons Go Vegan» features vegan versions of iconic models such as Samba and Continental 80. Adidas contends that vegan versions are just like its regular models in the terms of comfort and quality.

Vegan footwear is made with polyurethane covering and polyester – cruelty-free materials use of which excludes any cruelty towards animals. It has the same look as previous models and was tested for durability and comfort.

Such footwear is made of vegan and environmentally-friendly materials most of which are the result of secondary processing. Thus, vegan versions of Samba and Continental 80 include a vegan foam product called EVA which is made of seaweeds.

The amount of seaweed that is included in one pair of vegan shoes purifies more than thirty liters of polluted water before it will be used in footwear production. Soles are made of caoutchouc and recycled rubber.

Vegan shoes involves materials that were hazardous for the environment once giving them a second life. Adidas vegan shoes can be produced from the same materials for dozens of times without emitting any new wastage into the environment considering the life-time of rubber and plastics.

Adidas designed a new label for vegan versions of its iconic models – «Adidas Originals Vegan» and this shoes are already on sale in the USA. Each pair costs eighty dollars.

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