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Amazing Benefits of the Sunflower Seeds Homemade Milk

sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the healthiest vegan products. Sunflower seeds are cheap, that makes them affordable and widespread everywhere. They are extremely rich in healthy nutrients such as vitamins of A, B, E, and D groups, phosphorus, calcium potassium, and magnesium.

If we compare fried and raw sunflower seeds, the raw ones are considered the most nutritious. Because thermal processing destroys a huge part of healthy nutrients and vitamins, diminishes the product’s nutritious properties. But the taste of raw sunflower seeds is specific that is why most people prefer fried ones.

Sunflower Seed Milk

What Do We Know about Sunflower Seeds?

 sunflower seed milk

The most common answers are oil and fried seeds. Have you ever heard about sunflower seeds homemade milk? So, what is it and how does sunflower seed milk taste? This amazing beverage tastes like oat milk and has an appetizing, light structure and taste. You should make it at home and enjoy its delicious taste.

This tasty, nutritious, creamy beverage preserves all the possible benefits of raw sunflower seeds and converts them into a very tasty, healthy, and appetizing product.

How to Make Sunflower Seeds Milk at Home?

sunflower seeds milk at home

It is a very simple process. You will need a few basic ingredients and a blender to prepare sunflower seeds homemade milk. The list includes one cup of sprouted sunflower seeds, three cups of water, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of sea salt, and a few drops of natural sweetener, maple syrup for example.

Raw seeds should be soaked for one day and then stored in a fridge for several days (3-4) and the sprouts will come out. Sprouted seeds should be blended with other ingredients into a thick liquid.

Sunflower milk can be stored in a fridge for no more than one month, so you do not have to make it every day, it saves your time. You can also add natural flavorings such as cocoa, chocolate or spices. There are no limits, you can add everything you think will taste good. So, experiments are welcome.

Sunflower seeds homemade milk is healthy, tasty, cheap and extremely nutritious product that can also be used for drinks preparations. Cooled sunflower seeds milk can refresh you during the hot summer days while the warmed sunflower milk can warm you during the cold seasons.

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