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A Good Example for Restaurants to Introduce More Plant-Based and Organic Food on Menus

Amy’s Drive Thru Is gradually expanding

Already familiar American fast-food chain Amy’s Drive-Thru has revealed ambitious plans for the coming years.They plan to open about 30 new vegan-friendly locations over the next five years.

Amy’s Drive-Thru is part of the larger Amy’s Kitchen frozen food chain. It is the first organic vegan fast-food restaurant in the United States.

The company has until 2027 to qualitatively expand its vegetarian and vegan menu designed with the cultural movement in mind.

Amy’s Drive-Thru Expansion

There are more and more people. The younger generation choosing vegetarian and vegan food is inspiring the company.

They’ve already managed to open their fourth California restaurant earlier this month. Further expansion on the West Coast involves opening at least 25 new locations in California.

The company continues to receive inquiries from people across the country asking them to open a cafe in their area. So they are trying to make familiar fast food an affordable and healthy alternative for everyone.

Currently, all meals are suitable for vegetarians, and they can be made vegetarian if a customer wishes.

The Company’s Сommitment to Growth

The company also plans to make Amy’s a zero-waste leader in the industry, from solar panels at every outlet to compostable product packaging.

Company executives believe the chain needs to evolve with consumers.

And young people are the segment that fuels and inspires the production of a quality product.

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