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An Alternative Version of the Popular Sashimi Is Now Available in Vegan Shops


GTFO It’s Vegan online grocery shop, has just launched its own line of vegan sashimi, and they look just like the real thing.

Recently, through audience surveys, it has been established that vegan seafood is the fastest-growing segment in the plant-based market.

The famous vegan online grocery shop GTFO It’s Vegan has finally launched its own version of vegan sashimi. It’s one of the first seafood products now produced without animal products.

The GreaTFOods shop also has plant-based vegan tuna, salmon and calamari available.

This successful debut has cost a lot of effort to introduce its own line of products under the Great Foods brand, It’s Vegan.

GTFO first launched at the peak of the pandemic in May 2020. Before always, the aim was to provide Vegans with quality and tasty products.

Today, the online grocery shop offers more than 2,800 vegan and plant-based products from various representatives.

Genuine Vegan Sashimi

Genuine Vegan Sashimi

The vegan seafood industry is growing. Outside of production, more and more plant-based seafood is appearing in shops and restaurants, but GTFO offers the widest selection of vegan sashimi on the US market.

Promotion and Development of Vegan Products

Among other things, GTFO has been developing new vegan delicacies with Snackrilege. To date, GTFO has fulfilled around 30,000 orders of over 300,000 vegan and plant-based products through the company’s mailing list. 390 investors from the crowdfunding platform StartEngine are funding new ideas and projects.

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