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An Unexpected Turn towards an All-Plant Menu from the Famous Burger King Chain

All-Plant Menu from the Famous Burger King Chain

A Burger King establishment is now giving up meat. Can you imagine meatless chicken sandwiches and plant-based nuggets? Now, in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, this is becoming quite a reality.

Fast-food restaurant chain Burger King has just tried a month without using animal products. Only vegetarian dishes, prepared in collaboration with Dutch company The Vegetarian Butcher. The new menu consists of plant-based meat substitutes. The sauces are still non-vegan, although it’s possible to avoid using them.

Burger King’s Move to Plant-Based

Burger King’s Move to Plant-Based

Companies want to attract people who have a vegan culture as well as those who eat meat but want to reduce their meat intake.

The interior of Burger King has been totally redesigned with a new concept. There are now murals of green flora on the walls and hanging plants on the interior walls. Even Burger King’s public social media accounts have changed their images to a logo that reads “Vurger King” while promoting the plant-based cuisine.

Burger King is continuing to actively launch the same projects around the globe, transforming its outlets into entirely meat-free establishments on weekends.

The Vegetarian Butcher and Burger King are currently working to get plant-based hamburgers on the menu in 25 different countries.

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