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Animal-free Egg White: The Products of the Future Are Already Here

Animal-free Egg White

Clara Foods set out to disrupt the animal-farm model people are accustomed to by creating functional animal-free proteins through precision fermentation. After years of development, they are launching ClearEgg. It’s the debut set of egg products that are animal-free but compensate for protein in foods, beverages and supplements. 

ClearEgg’s launch surpasses all possible plant and animal uses, creating a brand new protein that offers brands culinary functionality and versatility they’ve never seen before.

It’s a complete transformation in the world of food, where everyone is doing no harm to our planet or animals in doing so. 

Against the System

By separating proteins from animals, the company successfully uses precision fermentation by inserting the DNA sequence found in egg whites into the yeast. The yeast is then fed sugar, which it converts into protein. The end result is a protein that is identical to an egg, free of sugar and GMOs, and made without the use of animals. 

Development Trend

It’s not the only vegan alternative to eggs on the market. In fact, startups around the world are recreating the egg in whole and in parts without having to exploit chickens. 

  • In Singapore, Float Foods recreates eggs from a combination of legumes. 
  • In the U.K., OGGS has launched its flagship product, OGGS Egg Alternative Aquafaba. 
  • And in France, biologists Philippe Sulers and Sherilyn Tavisuk recreated an entire egg from a blend of proprietary plant-based ingredients as part of their startup Le Papondu. 

But now everyone is excited about ClearEgg’s potential for growth and innovation in new markets in the food and beverage categories.

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