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Avocados – Are They Vegan?

are avocados vegan

Avocados have gained wide popularity among all vegans throughout the world. Its taste and nutritious properties make it highly-appetizing and desirable for everyone.

Avocado’s creamy and pleasant structure allows us to use this incredible and nourishing fruit in varied meals from desserts to salads and sandwiches. Avocado includes extremely rare and irreplaceable nutrients such as unsaturated fats, essential oils, proteins, folates, copper, fiber, and many others.

Avocado’s Suitability for a Vegan Diet

avocado not vegan

It’s all good but there’s the issue that can call into question avocado’s suitability for a vegan diet. This issue is beekeeping. It’s important to determine the full meaning of veganism.

Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes all forms of animal exploitation and all products whose production is somehow related to animal cruelty. Avocado is a fruit previously considered as a nut, so there’s no problem at the first sight.

But only a few know that farmers use mobile beehives to pollinate the plantings. Vegetable, fruit, and crop cultures such as tomato, avocado trees, legumes, almond,s, and squash are pollinated by commercially-used honeybees.

Commercial beekeeping is considered a non-vegan activity, as well as vegan ration, excludes honey. Bees suffer a lot because of consumeristic and violent attitudes from the side of beekeepers. Beekeepers seize their honey replacing it with factory-produced cheap and low-nutritious substitutes.

Avocados Non-Fully-Vegan Fruit

avocados are not vegan

This makes avocados non-fully-vegan as well as many other food crops. At the same time, it must be understood that we live in a non-vegan world and there is always some sort of animal exploitation.

Bees pollinate plants, flowers, and food crops under natural conditions and the only problem lies in the ways of how beekeepers exploit honeybees and in the humans’ consumerist attitude towards them.

Veganism should be a practical, reasonable lifestyle. Avocados can be excluded from vegan ration as well as many other food crops but if a person wants to help a planet to cope with the current crisis, maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle and a vegan diet that excludes animal-based products should be a priority.

A vegan diet is the most effective way to lower humanity’s carbon footprint at the individual level. Consumption of any fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables as well as avocados is welcomed and will definitely help our planet and all living creatures throughout the world.

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