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B12 Vitamin in a Vegan Diet

vitamin B12

B12 is one of the most important, irreplaceable vitamins in the human diet. In fact, humans cannot live without it so it’s very important to maintain the proper intake of this vitally-important nutrient.

In the past, people shouldn’t have to precisely maintain a proper intake of B12 vitamins but everything has changed since then. Dirty fruits, vegetables, forest berries, mushrooms, roots, and herbs have served as a perfect source of B12 vitamins for most of the human population in the past.

That’s because all these products don’t contain B12 vitamins but dirt and dust include vast amounts of this nutrient. B12 vitamin is produced by bacteria microbes that live in the soil. B12 vitamin penetrates the human body through the dirt and the dust on products but considering the way of how we treat our food now, this B12 source is no longer relevant.

From Where Humans Received B12 Vitamin

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Humans also receive B12 vitamin with animal flesh, eggs, and dairy products. In the past animals ate vast amounts of unwashed and dirty plants and fodders on outdoor and earth runs. But now farm animals receive B12 vitamin only with supplements and saturated fodders.

Since animal flesh includes relatively big amounts of B12 vitamin and plant-products don’t, vegans have heard a lot of arguments for an omnivorous diet. But now farm animals receive B12 vitamin only with supplements and saturated fodders. So it’s plain that humans can receive necessary amounts of B12 vitamin using food supplements or saturated with B12 vitamin food products.

As was mentioned above, B12 is a vitally important nutrient that is necessary for a full and happy life. B12 deficiency will reveal itself after a long time because our bodies store big numbers of B12 vitamins. That’s because there are not so many sources of B12 vitamins even for omnivorous creatures and our organisms have learned to cope with its deficit.

The Deficit of Vitamin B12

best multivitamin for vegetarians

The deficit of this vitamin shows itself in many ways, which could be external and integral. A person who lacks B12 will have a pale yellowish face, red tongue, bleeding oral cavity and gums, and movement disorder. These symptoms will show up in the case if a person has a strong deficit of B12 vitamin.

Usually, the deficit of B12 shows itself is more accustomed to most people’s maladies such as imbalanced blood pressure levels, headaches, lethargy, dizziness, a bad mood, and even depression, memory and cognitive disorders, and many others.

All these symptoms could be taken for regular illnesses, to which modern people are so subjected. It’s very important to define the B12 vitamin deficit to prevent more serious illnesses.

The Norm of Vitamin B12

best b12 supplement for vegan

But you shouldn’t be obsessed with B12 balance in your body. Our bodies need extremely small amounts of B12 vitamins to function properly. Our organisms take care of our needs in a way many people don’t know.

Our livers can store vast amounts of B12 vitamin for three years to avoid a possible deficit in the case of hard times will come or if we will make a mistake, planning and developing our ration. You still will be healthy if you won’t receive any B12 for a month or even longer, but there’s no need to make such experiments. We need from two to four micrograms of B12 daily.

Vegans don’t have too many options of B12 vitamin sources. In fact, they are divided into two groups: organic plant foods and B12 vitamin supplements. Plant-based vitamins that enter our body with fruits, vegetables, berries, and other products are the healthiest and the same as B12 vitamins. It’s possible to live on a vegan diet without B12 supplements if you have access to organic or homegrown plant foods.

Newly harvested fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, berries, and other foods include the B12 vitamin in their rind. But plants’ rind is a questionable source of B12 vitamin for vegans because only a few people have constant access to such products while others can buy only washed and factory-treated food products.

Food Supplements

best form of b12

The most convenient and handy B12 form for vegans is food supplements. B12 powders, supplements, capsules, and many other forms of B12 could be easily found and are very handy for use. Organic, homegrown newly harvested plant foods and B12 supplements are the best B12 sources for vegans.

Now, we can buy numerous B12 enriched foods such as plant-based B12 milk or enriched with B12 cereals. You can get your daily dose of B12 by having a few glasses of B12-rich almond milk or a bowl of saturated with B12 cereals.

Where to Find It for Vegans?

plant vitamins

Various plant-based milks such as soy, almond, oat, and nut milk are enriched with B12 making it easy to maintain the right balance of B12 vitamins in your body if you’re a vegan.

It’s much easier for vegetarians because eggs and dairy, especially yogurts and country cheese, naturally include big numbers of B12 vitamins.

It’s very hard to maintain the right balance of vitamins and nutrients in today’s world because we were taught to eat poor and unhealthy food, even if it’s home-cooked or relatively expensive. B12 is one of the most important nutrients for humans but we should look after other vitally-important nutrients such as fiber, ascorbic acid, beta-keratin, and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

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