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Best B12 Supplements

Best B12 Supplement

Going vegan definitely has its benefits. Eating delicious and nourishing foods in abundance, saving the lives of hundreds of animals annually, reducing your carbon footprint, the list could go on. Not only is going vegan beneficial to your life, but it is essential to the life of Mother Earth. As we live our lives amidst a pandemic, we cannot let ourselves forget that we are also living every day amidst an ongoing climate crisis. If we don’t collectively change our ways, Mother Earth will not be able to continue caring for us as she has all of these years. Our actions have been slowly killing her for far too long, therefore adopting a plant-based lifestyle is one of the many steps we can take to begin her healing. So yes, many benefits to a vegan lifestyle. However, going vegan also has its downsides as well, that is if you let them be downsides. Perhaps we can view them as new additions to our daily routines rather than downsides. Although plants are abundant in vitamins and nutrients, there are some vitamins that are much harder to receive on a plant-based diet. One of the main vitamins I am talking about is vitamin B12. Today I am going to let you know why vitamin B12 is important as well as introduce you to various good vitamin B12 supplements on the market today.

Why Do I Need B12?

So why are you looking for the best B12 supplements in the first place? The reason you are looking for the best vitamin B12 supplements is probably that you have heard people talk about how important it is. Nodding your head you believed them, and now you are here, stumbling upon this blog after searing “top B12 supplements” online. Well, I am here to let you know that it is great you are starting your B12 journey, because it is indeed an essential vitamin, and here’s why. B12 plays a large role in the human body. Its job is essentially to maintain the health of the body’s nerves and blood cells. On top of this, B12 also assists in the making of our DNA. Finally, B12 also takes action to prevent a type of anemia from occurring, which causes extreme fatigue and weakness in the body. As you can see, vitamin B12 is a pretty important nutrient that the body would not function well without. Now that we have covered why our bodies need vitamin B12, let’s talk about some ways plant-based eaters can find the best B12 vitamin brand that suits their lifestyle.

Full From Food

Why Do I Need B12?

Receiving vitamin B12 from foods alone on a plant-based diet is definitely possible though slightly more difficult. So before asking which is the best vitamin B12 supplement, let’s talk about some foods we may be eating already that can provide the body with the B12 it needs. Nutritional yeast, fortified plant milk, tempeh, seaweed, and mushrooms are all good foods to have that contain vitamin B12. Though I do believe that fortified foods are equivalent to supplements, so if you are on a whole foods plant-based diet you may choose to stick to the best natural B12 supplements over fortified processed foods. Nutritional yeast is a great option to add to a variety of dishes. The salty, cheesy taste is truly the perfect addition to any meal such as creamy pasta, salads, and just a topper in general. Consuming a lot of nutritional yeast will definitely assist in achieving your vitamin B12 intake goals.


Supplements B12

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for, talking about actual supplements. I am going to introduce you to some of the most high-quality B12 supplement options that I have either tried myself or researched. So, there are two main forms besides food in which you can supplement vitamin B12. There is the option to swallow a pill, or an option to use a liquid, which is my preferred method of ingestion. One of the best B12 tablets to purchase is Mega Food’s Vegan B12. This supplement is more affordable than others yet still does the trick. The gel capsules in which the B12 is contained are plant-based so we don’t have to fear the presence of gelatin. The best liquid vitamin B12 supplements for me is Nature’s Bounty’s Sublingual Liquid B12. I prefer the method of taking a liquid vitamin B12 supplement over swallowing a tablet as I feel the positive effects of the vitamin B12 this way. I find that when swallowing tablets, my urine turns a neon green color, meaning that my body did not receive the vitamins I was trying to provide it with. However, when I take my liquid supplement this does not happen to me, meaning my body is processing this nutrient.

B12 For Everyone

Although today was all about the most effective vitamin B12 supplements for plant-based humans, this does not mean a meat-eater should not supplement. Supplements are there for us to seek out when we are not receiving the vitamins and minerals our bodies need through foods. Although it is much more difficult to find vitamin B12 on a vegan diet, it is quite possible that someone who is not on this diet is still running low. As we now know, vitamin B12 is extremely important and essential to maintaining overall body health. So get out there and find the perfect all-natural B12 supplements for you and your loved ones.

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