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All the Best Plant-Based Milk Alternatives for Coffee: Best Vegan Milk for Coffee

using almond milk in coffee

Most of us typically enjoy a coffee in the mornings and sometimes as a little pick me up throughout a long day at work, but no matter when you choose to drink your coffee it is always essential that it meets your needs. Typically, most of us would choose something along the lines of a cappuccino or latte which of course requires a decent amount of milk, when switching to a vegan diet this can become a downfall of many, however, it doesn’t have to be with all the plant-based milk alternative for coffee available to us today. In this article I am going to be taking you along with me for the best plant milk for the coffee hunt, explaining all your options until you find the perfect one for you and your preferences.

What Is the Best Non-Dairy Milk for Coffee?

When it comes to finding the best milk alternative for coffee, most of the outcome will really be down to you and your taste and exactly what you prefer, However, some of the most used and most loved milk replacements for coffee include:

Soy Milk

milk alternatives for coffee

Soy Milk was one of the very first plant-based kinds of milk to make its way into the mainstream and many coffee brands, chains, and stores around the world, who were at first providing for those with dairy allergies or who were lactose intolerant, however, it eventually grew to a wider community including vegans who were only too happy with the newest addition. Soy milk is the best vegan milk for coffee due to the fact it so closely represents both the taste and texture f any regular milk, it heats up well and creamy a creamy and frothy consistency that is not overpowering, people most commonly add soy to cappuccinos and lattes as these usually require a hefty amount.

Oat Milk

best milk alternative for coffee

The best milk substitute for lattes has definitely got to be the humble oat milk, a fairly new blend of milk to the plant-based community oat milk has taken the vegan community by storm with many fans standing behind the brand’s creation of a non-nut milk vegan milk alternative. Oat milk’s intense popularity means that it is now available in almost all big coffee houses, shops, and chains and sets itself apart from many of the other coffee milk substitute options because of its digestive properties and high fiber content. Oat milk is made by simply combining oats, water, and either rapeseed oil or canola oil in order to create an extremely creamy and thick milk-like alternative that does not only taste delicious in almost any coffee but is also satiating and healthy for one’s body as it is as natural as can possibly be.

Coconut Milk

is coconut milk good in coffee

So is coconut milk good in coffee? This question pops up quite a bit as people are often perplexed as to how coconut and coffee pair together. However, the coconut milk that goes into coffee is relatively different from the coconut milk we would typically use to make curries and desserts, it’s a lot less thick and strong in flavor. Saying this coconut milk is quite an acquired taste and is really only enjoyed by those who like the taste of coconut. A lot of people enjoy the addition of coconut milk in their coffee due to the fact that it is creamy and contains a high-fat content which blends well with a shot of espresso.

Hemp Milk

best vegan milk for coffee

Another one people call the best tasting non-dairy milk for coffee is non-other than hemp milk. Hemp milk is a little more on the rare side and is not as popular and soy and oat milk but still has its place amongst its loyal fans and customers who often choose this milk for health-related reasons. Hemp milk is great for vegans as it has a high protein content and usually gives the coffee a slightly nutty taste. Hemp seed milk is great for hot coffees and steamed coffees as due to its high protein content it forths up relatively well as easily.

Rice Milk

best nut milk for coffee

Another hidden gem of the plant-based milk options available to use today is rice milk. This is a great option for anyone suffering from any sort of allergies as it is both nut and soy-free making it a favorite for many. Rice milk, although not one of the most popular types of milk at the moment is slowly growing in popularity for its neutral taste and texture. The only downfall about rice milk is that it does not have the same foaming properties as many of the other plant-based milk alternatives and is thus mostly drunk in tea or iced coffee.

Almond Milk

almond milk for coffee

Using almond milk in coffee has got to be the number one choice for many vegans and vegetarians to date. Almond milk for coffee is a great option due to the fact that it is not only good for you, packed full of protein, and tastes delicious, but it also comes with a variety of flavors and sweetness options. So does almond milk taste good in coffee? There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to drinking almond milk in coffee, however, it is the most commonly used not milk on the market to date. Almond milk is fairly light and does not take away from the depth of the coffee flavor, it does however add a slightly nutty flavor and is best enjoyed in cold coffees as this way it doesn’t have the chance to curdle.

Cashew Milk

best milk substitute for lattes

One of the best nut milk alternative for coffee is none other than cashew milk. Cahsew milk is quite understated and only has a select few fans however it is slowly gaining popularity for its creamy texture. Cashew milk is best enjoyed when made fresh and has a slightly sweeter taste than most of the other vegan nut milk options. Don’t let the smell of heating up cashew milk put you off as once it hits your palette you’ll forget about the smell anyway.

The Bottom Line

As you can see there are many plant-based and fully vegan milk alternatives that we can add to our daily coffee of choice. Finding the best dairy-free milk for coffee really comes down to your personal preference as well as the type of coffee you drink. They are all delicious and have their place within the coffee world and are commonly enjoyed differently by different people and in different drinks. At the end of the day, the best way to find the perfect milk alternative for you is to simply give them all a try until you work out which one is the perfect addition to your everyday hot or cold coffee beverage of choice.

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