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Best Teapot Recipes for Patio Evening Settings

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Tea is by far one of the most versatile and diverse drinks that exist. There are so many different flavors, variations of those flavors, different ways to make them, different ways to serve, and different occasions to drink. The humble tea drink is an essential part of most households and a go-to warm beverage for the entire population of the United Kingdom where tea recipes are as special as diamonds. will be sharing with you some of my favorite homemade hot tea recipes and well as how to make good tea that you and your whole family can enjoy during the cold months of the year.

Delicious Tea Recipes

The thing about tea is it all really comes down to personal preference. You are handed the teabag containing all its flavor and it’s completely up to you what you do with it. Some people enjoy their tea slathered in milk and sugar, others like it black and strong and some prefer fruity scents and others darker and richer versions. Luckily for your teas come with all the diverse flavor variations you could ever wish for and in this way you ensured to have the ability to pick the perfect tea for each and every occasion.

Tea Ingredients

tea recipies

Tea drink recipes are made from tea leaves primarily but often also contain things like caffeine and other stimulus ingredients. However, there are specific chemical and nutritional properties that come with these leaves which include amino acids, minerals, and aroma compounds which are perfectly put together to produce the best of the best tea drinks we all know and love. With each tea providing a unique aroma, flavorful, taste, and appearance a common part of creating your own hot tea recipes is the process of blending, by which specific types of tea or blended together with the correct amount of each to create a new tea comprised of a different flavor, taste, aroma, and appearance.

Top Tea Recipes

Some of the best teas already exist and are ready for you to enjoy, these include:

English Breakfast Tea

A strong version of tea, often drunk in the morning (hence the name) due to its higher caffeine content. It is rich and deep in flavor and is best when blended with milk.

Rooibos Tea

This tea is beautifully smooth which comes from its longer brewing process. It is naturally a little bit sweet and is often said to have a slight underlying nutty flavor. And is best served in fireplace settings as it mimics a woody tone.

Peppermint Tea

Known as the perfect after-dinner beverage peppermint tea has a menthol-like taste with a cooling minty undertone, it is a light version of tea and is refreshing and cooling on the mouth and taste buds.

Green Tea

Green tea is said to have one of the most highly effective health benefits and is often used in curing diseases in traditional Chinese medicine, it is also a lighter tea that is both a combination of bitter and sweet.

How to Make Homemade Tea

tea drink recipes

There are many different ways one can make yummy tea recipes at home and here are a few you may enjoy.

Chai Tea

Chai tea is a warming tea made from a blend of spices and is perfect served in the winter especially during an autumn time and is a holiday favorite too.


  • 2 cups milk (almond works best)
  • 2 English breakfast tea bags;
  • 5 cardamom pods
  • A dash of nutmeg
  • 2 cloves
  • 4 tsp brown sugar
  • ½ – ¼ cinnamon stick


  1. Heat the milk in a small pot on low heat and empty the tea bags into the pot, together with this add the cardamom pods, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, and cloves and stir gently.
  2. Then add your brown sugar for sweetness and allow it to brew for around 10-12 minutes.
  3. Strain the mixture and enjoy!
  4. And as simple as that you have the perfect hot beverage accompaniment to a cozy evening setting.

Lemon and Ginger Tea

A light and refreshing combination of citrus and spice that is perfect for health and healing.


  • Boiling water
  • 1 lemon
  • ¼ ginger sliced finely
  • honey (optional for sweetness)


  1. Fill your tea mug with boiling water and squeeze the juice from half of the lemon directly in your mug.
  2. Slice the remaining lemon and add it along with your sliced ginger to your mug and allow it to sit and brew for around 3-4 minutes.
  3. Add the honey for sweetness, the amount is up to you, and go sit under the blanket and enjoy the delicious taste and healing benefits.

Best Tea Recipes

Some other great tea recipes to try making at home include

  • Strawberry and peach green tea- a lightly fruity and refreshing combination with an understated burst of sweetness.
  • Blueberry and mint tea- the combination of blueberries and mint is a symphony of a blend and perfect to enjoy as an ice version too, and is also very child friendly.
  • Matcha vanilla tea- the Japanese alternative to coffee, green matcha, and vanilla is a combination that is perfect for any time of the day, with a balance of earthiness and sweetness it is an acquired taste but enjoyable for many rich tea lovers.

Start creating the perfect tea for your setting, experiment, test, and taste until you find exactly what you are looking for!

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