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Where To Get Vegan-Friendly Condoms: The Best Plant-based Variants

Vegan-Friendly Condoms

When committing to a fully vegan, plant-based, and cruelty-free lifestyle, one always wants to ensure that they are buying everything according to these preferences. There are many items that we consume within our day-to-day lives that we don’t even consider to have the possibility of not being vegan.

However, there are many that simply aren’t and are often not made aware of us. Consider condoms, for example, most of us wouldn’t think twice before popping a pair into our baskets, but do we really know what they are made from? Luckily, there is quite a large variety of vegan-friendly condoms that we can choose from. So to help make your decision for protection a little easier, here are some of the best options available to us.

Are Condoms Vegan?

Well, to be honest, most condoms are actually made from a product called latex. Latex is essentially a very pliable plastic-type substance that is most commonly made from animal-derived ingredients. Nowadays, there is a lot of vegan-friendly latex solutions that typically come from a rubber tree, making them natural and plant-based, however, this is where vegan condoms start and end. There are a few factors that condoms non-vegan, these are :


Many non-vegan condom brands use casein, which is a protein that is directly derived from cow’s or goat’s milk. This is used to make the latex soft and more comfortable for human use. This goes against vegan morals and also involves a lot of cruelty towards cows and goats throughout the manufacturing process.

Animal Testing

Condoms have to be tested somehow as they are listed as medical devices. However, many condom-producing brands choose to test their products using animals, this mainly includes bunnies and horses.


Back in the day, using animal intestines for contraception was a big thing. Nowadays, we have mostly moved past such controversy, however, this is not true for all condom brands. For example, Trojan’s condoms vegan claiming brand, are firstly not at all vegan, not fully effective, and still use lambkin in their manufacturing processes.


Believe it or not, there are a lot of toxic chemicals that go into making condoms. Although they are not technically related to veganism, they are extremely bad for our planet and not the most natural thing we want to be put directly onto our bodies. Chemicals such as glycerin, benzocaine, and spermicide are often found in many condom brands. That is why choosing organic vegan condoms is the best solution to this issue.

What Condoms Are Vegan?

So now you know a little bit more about what makes condoms non-vegan friendly, so what exactly makes a condom vegan? Most of the vegan and brands make their condoms using rubber latex, but do not include the addition of casein like many mainstream brands. Many vegan condom brands choose to replace this with a number of natural, plant-based, and mostly organic substitutes that provide the same effect and are much healthier both for us, our planet, and the animals.

Where To Buy Vegan Condoms?

The main question you all want an answer to be, “what brands of condoms are vegan ?” Well, cutting straight to the point, here are some of the best vegan condoms you can choose from.

Sir Richard’s Ultra-Thin

Sir Richard's Ultra-Thin

These condoms are vegan and PETA certified and stand to help communities that are suffering from higher risks of HIV.

Lola Condoms

Lola Condoms is a female-founded brand that makes its condoms using medical-grade silicone and natural laxtex.

Lelo Hex Luxury Condoms

One of the thinnest condoms on the market, these have been rated as one of the first amongst vegans and non-vegans.

Sustain Natural Latex Condoms

Sustain Natural Latex Condoms

These condoms are not only good for you but also for the environment and are fair trade, gluten-free, and paraben-free too.

Kimono MicroThin Condoms

One of the most popular brands of condoms nationwide produces a thin rubber condom that is super protective.

Glyde Condoms

Glyde is one of the most respected condom brands made from natural latex and feature organic and fair trade rubber.

B Condoms Classic

B Condoms Classic

B condoms pride themselves on making the highest quality condoms on the market. They also play a big part in helping human trafficking, teenage pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS.

Durex Non-Latex

If you are looking for vegan latex-free condoms then Durex vegan condoms may be the ones for you. Although many of the products from this brand aren’t considered to be vegan, they do have a few options on the market. These condoms can be found at almost any store and are cost-effective too.

Why Are Vegan Condoms Better?

Why Are Vegan Condoms Better

So why choose to buy vegan condoms? There are actually a number of different reasons as to why vegan condoms are better for us and our planet. Some of these reasons include :


Most vegan condom brands don’t use chemical toxins which can cause yeast infections and other related diseases.

Animal Welfare

Because vegan condom brands use only plant-based ingredients, you are sure that no animals are used or hurt through any of the processes used to make your condom.


Most vegan condom brands use sustainable manufacturing tools and technology and often use workers in a healthy conditioned environment.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are abundant amounts of amazing vegan condom brands out there. This means that we now have the choice to choose something that is both beneficial for us, our health, our experience, and of course for our environment and morals. So the next time you’re out looking for a protective condom, why not choose one of these amazing vegan alternatives.

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