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All the Best Vegan Cooking Oil Alternatives: Must-Have to Stay Healthy

Best Vegan Cooking Oil Substitute

When it comes to veganism and a plant-based diet there are so many different things one needs to think about, from emitting large products such as meat and fish to the smaller less noticeable things such as animal-derived products found in wine, beer, and sweets, but there is one thing that almost everyone seems to turn a blind eye towards and that is cooking oil. It’s all very good and well that the food you are consuming is fully vegan and plant-based but what about the oil that that food is cooked in? As oil is a product used by almost everyone worldwide it’s so important that you understand what the best plant-based diet oil is for you, your needs, and personal preferences and I am here you inform you on all of it.

Do Vegans Eat Oil?

Most if not all of the mainstreams oils we see being used in restaurants, on the shelves in grocery stores, and most probably hanging around in your kitchen is ethically 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, so in most cases for liked minded veggie individuals oil is one of the least of your worries. However, saying this it is a good thing to know which vegetarian oil is sure to contain absolutely no animal or animal-derived products as well as to understand which of these oil products are the most ethically sourced and which ones are the best option for your health overall.

Vegan Cooking Oil Substitute

Vegan Cooking Oil Substitute

Most of the mainstream cooking oils used in mass-produced items, cafes and places that serve fast food are often not the healthiest for your body nor the most ethical ones to invest your money in. There is a lot of controversies when it comes to oil and it’s gotten a pretty bad rap in the past for being labeled as unhealthy, bad for you, and greasy, however, this is not always the case, in fact, quite the opposite. Whole oils and oils that come from healthy products are actually a great source of healthy fats and beneficial addition to any diet especially those that are plant-based. Luckily there are tons of different varieties of oils that you can choose from to ensure you are doing the best for your body. Some of the best vegan cooking oil options include:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A globally well-known and most commonly used oil is no other than olive oil itself. Firstly when going to buy olive oil, always and I repeat always opt for the extra virgin version, this means that the oil is unrefined and comes straight from the source ( in this case olives ) itself. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a light oil filled with healthy fats that are perfect for shallow cooking or drizzling as well as making sauces and dressings. It is also produced in a way that is sustainable and ethical towards the environment, with a very low carbon footprint extra virgin olive oil should remain a household staple.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is relatively new to the market but has attracted the likes of many veggie individuals, the majority because of its unique high smoke abilities and subtle flavor. It is full of good monounsaturated fats and vitamin E making it a great cooking alternative.

Coconut Oil

A common ad well-known vegetable oil vegan, vegetarian and meat-eaters love is coconut oil. The amazing thing about this product is that it has a multitude of using from helping the skin to moisturizing hair and most importantly frying food. Coconut oil is the perfect alternative for frying as it takes even the highest of heat relatively well. However, one thing to note is that it is high in saturated fat and should be consumed in moderation.

Rice-Bran Oil

Rice – Bran Oil has only just made its appearance on the vegan market but has since taken consumers by storm. Rice ran oil is not just a great alternative to cooking oil but also has a range of great health benefits including the proven ability to decrease the development of early atherosclerosis and lowering cholesterol. It is high in antioxidants and does not give off a greasy and fatty feel to cooked foods. It can be used for both shallow and deep-frying and has a lovely light and delicate flavor to it.

In Conclusion

Do Vegans Eat Oil?

As you can see there are so many options for vegan cooking oil on the market today and we are lucky enough to have a choice to choose ones that are not only healthy but also make us feel good and provide positive benefits for our bodies. Supporting these less mass-produced oils is a great way to support more ethical manufacturing processes and the plant-based community in general.

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