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Two Vegan Hearts Will Unite as One: Here You Will Read about the Best Vegan Dating Sites

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Finding the one can be quite difficult, everyone is searching for someone that matches them perfectly, lives by the same morals and guidelines, with similar ethics and beliefs. Lucky for you some of the best vegan dating sites in the world have been created to help those plant-based ethical eaters find someone on the same journey as you. These dating sites help vegans all over the world connect to one another with the hopes of them having the potential to find the one, the perfect match. Knowing which of the many free vegan dating sites to use can be an overwhelming task and that is why I’ve compiled a list of the best of best free vegan dating sites to help your choice be a little easier and your match be a little closer to perfection.

What Is a Vegan Dating Service

We’ve all heard of tinder right? The most globally and commercially used dating site in the world in which you can match and chat with potential girlfriends or boyfriends and expand your range to improve your chances of finding the one. The best vegan dating site is exactly the same except your opportunities are narrowed down to plant-based individuals who follow a vegan lifestyle and sustainable living and eating. In this way it allows you to find the vegan girlfriend or boyfriend you’ve been looking for without having to ask the question “are you vegan?” This type of free vegan dating has helped many vegans all over the world find a similar vegan match in which they may go on to date or even marry.

Best Vegan Dating Site

With the increased range of free vegan dating sites now available to the public it can be confusing trying to figure out which one would be best for you and your needs. The best vegan dating site for you narrows down to what it is you are looking for, you may be interested in men or women, raw vegans or vegetarians, you may be looking for specific religious beliefs, location, or ethnicity, and that all factors into the dating site you choose to use. To begin your vegan dating journey let’s take a look at the variety of options available to you.

Free Vegan Dating

raw vegan dating

Number one let’s begin with free vegan dating sites that may work for your needs.


Grazer is a newly developed app that works similar to that of any other dating site, swipe right or left to match, however, there is a slight difference, everyone is vegan! Graze allows all vegans, of any type, dietary requirements, beliefs, and ethnicities to join Grazer in an attempt to match vegans with other vegans who possess similar qualities, characteristics, and morals.


Veg just like Grazer is a dating app designed specifically for vegans and is considered one of the best vegan sites as this app allows you to share photos, videos, thoughts, and even recipes with others you form a connection with. As veganism has grown so has the app and its participants, now giving you many choices and options for a better chance of finding your perfect match.

Free Vegetarian Dating Sites

Vegetarian dating sites free offers a wider range of veggie lovers, most of these dating sites include all varieties of vegetarians from ovo-vegetarian to pescatarian and even vegans too. If you’re looking for a fellow veggie then visiting these vegetarian dating sites can really help broaden your options.


VeggieConnection is a great way to find your perfect veggie soul mate, the site itself has won multiple awards and is highly ranked as one of the best vegetarian dating sites free and global.

Green Singles

Green singles not only include vegans and vegetarians but also environmental activists and enthusiasts, this fast-growing community is extremely inclusive and open and a great way to find new and inspiring like-minded singles.


FindVegLove is quite different from all the other dating sites as it involves speed dating, events, and talks such as how to find a vegan girlfriend and how to find a vegan boyfriend. So if you’re wanting to have some fun, join other veggies and educate yourself whilst hopefully making connections and finding the one then check out FindVegLove!

Raw Vegan Dating

vegan dating nyc

Raw vegan rating is on another level, this is where you would find extremely dedicated vegans who commit their lives to only eating plant-based, natural foods directly from nature. Although this community is much smaller than the general amount of veggies, finding a fellow raw vegan is most definitely a possibility.


For the raw vegans out there VeggieDate is a great option for finding like-minded soul mates. Although it consists of both vegetarians and vegans the VeggieDate raw vegan community is one of the largest out there and provides the highest possible chance of finding other raw vegans for potential dating. This app is fairly inclusive and allows you know to create a bio in which you can automatically see whether someone meets your preferences before engaging in conversation.

Christian Vegan Dating

Another element of the dating scene is religious beliefs, religious beliefs often play a large role in the decisions we make on the partners we want to keep for life. Similar to looking for a vegetarian soulmate, the morals and ethics they adopt are present within religions too. Christian vegan dating sites have recently expanded allowing many string believers to meet one another. Like with most other dating sites you can create filters that adapt according to your preferences, meaning only those who match your preferred filters will appear on your page. If you are looking for a fellow Christian vegan you can simply adapt almost any of the sites including Green Singles, VeggieConnection, and FindVegLove to suit your needs and help you find exactly the type of plant-based, holy love you are looking for.

As you can see the world of vegan and vegetarian dating has expanded so much that you are left with countless options and opportunities to find and meet the one. Remember location counts too, you can adapt your setting depending on where you lie, for example, vegan dating NYC, London vegan dating, and even South Africa vegan dating, in which the dating scene in each country is quite different and unique, you may even bump and old friend along the way. The best advice for veggie dating is to be open, join events, take a chance and meet as, many people as you can until the one doesn’t feel so far away.

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