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The Best Vegan Perfume Brands: Top-5 Collection from Vegannn

The Best Vegan Perfume Brands

Perfume, an essential part of every woman’s toiletry collection. Something that makes you not only smell your best but feel your best too, and we simply cannot live without it. With so many brands and companies using animal testing and animal products in their fragrances, it can be hard to find the perfect cruelty-free fragrance for you. As the vegan lifestyle encompasses morals and ethics against animal cruelty, investing in brands that do so would be unethical. Luckily there is still a multitude of different vegan-friendly perfume options for you to choose from. Saying this, it may be useful to have some background information on what ingredients to avoid, as well as a list of options for you to easily decipher from.

Is Perfume Vegan?

Most people wouldn’t think twice before purchasing their favorite fragrance, but just as with many other products in the cosmetic industry, there are a lot of hidden processes and ingredients we are often unaware of. To be honest most of the high-end perfume brands will use animal testing in the process of creating their perfume. This is done mainly for allergy testing and smell development. As well as using animals to test their products, many brands will also include animal-derived products in their perfumes. Some of these ingredients that can be found in non-vegan perfumes include Civet, Musk, Ambergris, Casteroreum, and Kasturi. All of these by-products are obtained through harsh and cruel mistreatment of animals, and while they do help to add flavor and bond mixtures, they are not plant-based nor ethical.

What Is Vegan Perfume?

So now that you know more about what makes certain perfumes non-vegan, what exactly are vegan perfumes? A common question when it comes to plant-based perfumes is whether they lack smell and last. Of course, in order to be claimed as vegan, the product must contain no animal or animal-derived products and no animals must be used in testing, production, manufacturing, and transportation. There are many amazing vegan perfume brands that have taken this on board and developed high-quality products without the use of animals. Most fully vegan perfumes will come from independent companies, brands, and stores as they are not mass-producing and thus don’t require the number of animal by-products that larger companies may have to take part in. For us vegans, there are copious amounts of brands to choose from when it comes to funding vegan perfume that has been classified to the full extent.

The Best Cruelty-Free Perfume

To help make your search for the best vegan perfume slightly easier, we have compiled a list of some of the top-rated and tested brands. There is something for everyone out there and there is certainly no need to compromise on your ethics and morals when it comes to animals.

The Best Vegan Perfume List

Laboratory Perfumes — Amber Eau De Toilette
Laboratory Perfumes — Amber Eau De Toilette

Laboratory Perfumes pride themselves on their vegan-friendly approach as well as their attention to unisex compatibility. The scent is simple but strong, and its animal-safe values are what truly draw attention.

Joie-Eclat - Valeur Absolue
Joie-Eclat – Valeur Absolue

This french fragrance company has just recently released its new range of vegan perfumes. It is inspired by positive emotions and has a sweet scent to it. It is subtle but elegant and not too overpowering. Of course, the company fully supports a cruelty-free mentality and has adapted its protocol to be 100 percent vegan friendly and ethical. There are also no harsh chemicals in this perfume, and everything from the packaging to the transportation is as environmentally friendly as possible too.

Anthropologie — Abel Green Cedar
Anthropologie — Abel Green Cedar

Anthropologie is a well-known fragrance brand that produces high-quality simple scented products. They are one of the best organic perfume brands you can choose from and widely adopt an eco-friendly approach to all their methods and technologies. They are also 100 percent natural and use only the finest plant-based ingredients available. One of the greatest things about their perfumes is that a little spray goes a long way, and with such a long-lasting scent it is definitely worth the monetary investment.

Lush — Amelie Mae Perfume
Lush — Amelie Mae Perfume

Lush is a great brand for vegans and those who are in support of saving and preserving the future of our environment. They are a sustainable company that produces hundreds of vegan products from bath bombs to shampoos and even perfumes. They are also an affordable brand that uses simple but highly effective plant-based ingredients. This scent in particular has the depths of a raspberry undertone with a hint of lavender and rose, giving it an elegant yet warming fragrance.

Ecco Bella — Ambrosia Eau De Parfum
Ecco Bella — Ambrosia Eau De Parfum

Ecco Bella is a well-known cruelty-free company that has created a range of vegan perfumes. This particular perfume not tested on animals is made with black current, bud absolute, and Bulgarian lavender with hints of vanilla, clove, and cardamom. The overall calming scent using ethical procedures is long-lasting and non-allergenic.

As you see there is such a wide variety of vegan perfumes, brands, and companies that are producing high-quality products with a less negative impact on the environment. If you have the choice of picking a scent that is suited to you but also aligns with your morals and ethics within your day-to-day life, why not? We believe with all the options available there is something for everyone, scents you can rely on and companies that you can believe in.

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