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Where to Find The Perfect, Warmest, and Best-Rated Vegan Winter Coats

Best-Rated Vegan Winter Coats

Winter is here and as the temperature begins to drop, we begin to search for warmer clothes. As a vegan, avoiding animal products and animal-derived products is an essential part of the lifestyle which extends far beyond just-food. Unfortunately, many of the clothes that appear on shelves during the wintertime are not considered to be vegan as they are made using the wool or fur of animals to create a warm and thick coat. However vegan winter coats are now available to us in abundance and many innovative and creative minds worked together to create vegan-friendly winter coats that not only look nice but do the job of keeping you warm, in a cruelty-free, plant-based and ethical manner.

What Makes a Warm Vegan Winter Coat?

Vegan winter coats mens, women or children are defined by the material and methods used to create them. They can only be defined as vegan when know animal cruelty or byproduct use is done throughout the entire manufacturing, production, and transportation methods. Many of the typical winter jackets that can be seen in stores around the time the temperature veins drop are not actually suitable for vegans as they contain goose down, wool fur and sometimes even leather which are all directly produced from animals. Finding a jacket that is both warm and stylish may seem like a difficult procedure but we are here to make your search slightly easier. There are many brands that focus all their time and energy on creating vegan coats for winter. With an aim to not lose warmth or style but increase sustainability and ethics.

Vegan Winter Coat Brands

As cruelty-free winter coats are hard to come by, having a list of your various options is probably the best way to find the perfect, warm and beautiful coat for the winter months. There are many vegan-friendly brands that are improving each and every year, creating a wider variety of options for a growing demand within the market. Some of the brands and their products that you can rely on for this coming winter include:


Vegan Winter Coat Noize

Noize is a great vegan brand that is most known for its stylish outerwear. They have been producing vegan-friendly, 100 percent plant-based coats for a couple of years now and have received an abundance of praise too. They have a great selection of vegan winter jackets including a vegan parka, vegan puffer and general vegan coats for an array of occasions. Their coats also come in different styles and colors and are insulated using repurposed recycled plastic bottles. Their coats are lightweight but yet very protective against the cold and a great investment for long-term wear.

Unreal Fur

Vegan Winter Coat Unreal Fur

Unreal Fur has taken a different approach towards creating some of the best vegan winter coats. They are a more upscale, luxurious brand that was first founded in Australia. They specialize in creating full vegan and cruelty-free fur coats. They have a wide range of different styles that are made from the highest quality materials. They also have longevity and can be worn for many seasons at a time. They use synthetic materials such as modacrylic to create one of the warmest coasts available today. They also recycle all of their unused scraps to create smaller items such as kids clothing and accessories.

Matt + Nat

Vegan Winter Coat Matt + Nat

Matt + Nat are a brand that is animal and environment-loving. They have created a vegan winter coat for women that encompasses everything we are looking for. From style to color to fit and warmth their coats are some of the best on the market today. They are a completely sustainable and eco-friendly brand that uses recycled bottles to create a large variety of the products they offer. They use a variety of vegan materials such as polyurethane, polyvinyl butyral, rubber, cork, and nylon to create their warm winter coats and jackets. They also stock other vegan winter items including boots, scarfs, gloves, socks, and backpacks.


Vegan Winter Coat Thought

Another amazing vegan brand offering some of the warmest vegan coats is known as Thought. Thought is an ethical fashion brand that is largely based in the United Kingdom. They create contemporary yet sustainable pieces that incorporate classic and trendy styles. They use a variety of different prints, materials, and funky designs to make something for everyone. All of the vegan fabric for winter coat they use are organic and recycled.

Their brand includes items for both male and female and includes items such as light jackets and knitwear. The brand’s main focus is to show how fashion can be both beautiful and trendy yet eco friendly and sustainable for the betterment of our planet. They have a large range of different items to choose from and you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality, longest lasting items with each and every purchase.


Vegan Winter Coat Patagonia

Patagonia is a more well-known brand and has developed into a fast fashion item found in a variety of different department stores. Patagonia is home to the best rated vegan winter coat and is known for making long-lasting, winter warmer pieces. Patagonia uses both eco-friendly and renewable materials and production methods to create its fully vegan winter coats and jackets.

They are an outdoor adventure brand and are particularly knowledgeable within those areas. They care for the planet and promote ethics and morals when it comes to design and manufacturing. They are all about using recycled materials and innovative alternatives to create products that are warm and stylish but positive on mother nature. This American brand uses 100 % renewable and recycled materials including nylon, polyester, and wool to create lifetime coats for all shapes, sizes, and ages.

These are not the only brands that are doing amazing things for the future of our planet. Some others that you may come across include The North Face, Frank & Oak, Taylor Stitch, Stella Mccartney, LOVE, Save The Duck, Nanushka, and Superdry. All of these brands are supportive of the vegan community by creating plant-based winter coats using resourceful materials that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

As you can see with so many amazing vegan winter coat brands creating beautiful and sustainable products there is no need to invest in the demand for high fast fashion. Whether you’re looking for a vegan down coat or the best vegan winter warm coat on the market you’re sure to find it amongst these brands and many of their other competitors.

Supporting brands that are producing items within the same moral and ethical boundaries as yourself is a great and direct way of doing your part to help save and preserve the planet and our environment as a whole.

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