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Billie Eilish Introduces Her Signature Perfume with a Stunning Scent

Billie Eilish Introduces Her Signature Perfume with a Stunning Scent

Billie Eilish has announced the launch of her first Eilish perfume. The girl wrote about it on her Instagram page.

For Eilish, this perfume has become a huge dream and part of her life. She has been dreaming of creating her own fragrance, and now it is her favorite scent in the world.

The perfume is on sale as early as 10 November 2021. The bottle from 19-year-old Billie is designed in the form of an abstract image of a bust. The cost of this perfume is $68.

A New Product for Vegan Culture

Vegan Perfume Launch by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was directly involved in the creation of the new fragrance. She took full charge of the packaging design and carefully selected the harmony of scents for her product. This new vegan perfume combines a musky and woody base and is complemented by notes of oriental spices. Cocoa and creamy vanilla are present in the fragrance. All this is combined with notes of fresh petals, ripe mandarin and forest berries.

Cosmetics company Paralux, Ltd. agreed to help the singer with a niche perfume. Their partnership has been very fruitful, as they share similar values and are committed to spreading the vegan culture.

Eilish stated that she tried to make them 100% quality. The stipulation was that no animal products were used.

The perfume is 20% recycled, so we think that’s cool.

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