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Plant-Based Milk from BLUE BOTTLE Is Now in All Stores in California

blue bottle oat milk

A well-known Blue Bottle Coffee company is launching the use of oat milk in 75% of its beverages? This is the first successful and meaningful step in minimizing dairy products in the daily diet of coffee drinkers.

Blue Bottle Coffee, as a chain of coffee shops, has proposed its own experiment that changes the idea of the usual standard cow’s milk-based drinks.

In early 2021, the company began using exclusively oat milk in three California stores and found that the use of animal milk had been minimized. A short time later, 75 percent of all milk-based drinks and Blue Bottle cafés were switched to plant-based milk. The success prompted the company to develop its movement in Southern California as well. Now a quarter of all the chain’s locations in the U.S. offer their plant-based drinks on a regular basis.

According to the company’s research, dairy products pose a greater threat to the climate. Blue Bottle is ready to address emissions reductions and advocate a shift to plant-based alternatives. With their help, a large number of people have the opportunity to try new oat milk to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that could be from dairy products.

Blue Bottle Ambitions

blue bottle coffee

By 2024, Blue Bottle wants to use only organic oat milk, expand its product range, and increase its supply of alternative coffee.

With the exception of oat milk, the company has always offered a variety of plant-based milk at no extra cost to encourage proper and informed choices by customers.

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