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Buttermilk Production Grows & Adds to Its Selection of Choices for Vegans

Bodmin confectionary firm wins vegan awards

Cornish candy company “Buttermilk”, based in Bodmin, has won a national award for vegan culture.

The renowned PETA Vegan Food Award means a lot to the company. Buttermilk is primarily rewarded for its fantastic product. It is a bar of crunchy chocolate with peanut butter.

The family-run production facility is constantly working on flavors and assortments that are vegan-compliant. Now “Buttermilk” has added salted caramel, honey chocolate bars, and a chocolate and orange flavor to the lineup.

A Well-Deserved Reward

According to the animal welfare charity PETA, more and more families and people of all ages are now becoming vegan or vegetarian. This means that vegan products are at the peak of their popularity.

The firm’s “Buttermilk” production is already on the shelves of most supermarkets and hasn’t stopped working on launching new products.

Buttermilk is ready to make your transition to a vegan culture gentler and richer in flavor variety. The Cornish Company is convinced that their mission is to convince people of the value of veganism and to promote this culture for the benefit of all mankind.

The confectionery “Buttermilk” said they are incredibly proud of their achievement in the 2021 Vegan Chocolate Challenge and only want to improve their results going forward.

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