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Carrot Cake Day

national carrot cake day 2021

Carrot cake is one from the history books, it’s an old-fashioned, tried, tested, and enjoyed recipe that sits on the shelf of almost any grandmother’s kitchen. It is a recipe that is not only packed full of flavor but is also historical enough to have an entire day named after it. Carrot cake day is one in which older generations and the following younger generations all have a delicate dessert in common. Connecting the enjoyment of the flavors as well as and most importantly celebrating the innovation and vast amount of history that lies far beyond just the cake itself, is what really makes national carrot cake day such a wonder for all those diet heart fans out there.

History of Carrot Cake Day

celebrate carrot cake day

Carrot cake day celebrates not only carrot cake as a whole but also the various elements that are found inside of the carrot cake we all know and love. From the fresh carrots to the cream cheese icing and everything in between carrot cake is celebrated by fans, especially those who were bought up with the delicacy. There are a few theories as to when and where the invention of carrot cake happened to come about, however many believe that it was created in the middle ages during the times when sugar and sweeteners, in general, were rare and hard to come by and thus the carrot cake was born using the elements of natural sugars present in carrots. This type of innovation is a perfect example of how we as humans have overcome many obstacles that we may face in the past, learning to use what they had available to them in order to created something totally new and different is a defining factor for the culinary industry and a large explanation as to why we have the variety of food choices we do.

Celebrate Carrot Cake Day

how to celebrate carrot cake day

For all those carrot cake enthusiasts out there this is your one day and one day only to fully indulge in all the carrot cake your heart desires, as on 3 February carrot cake will be celebrated in many different parts of the world. France is the place for all this technical baking and cooking is said to have been one of if not the first country to produce a carrot cake recipe, however it was also discovered in Britain amongst french cookbooks and baking experts. Carrot cake really broke into power in the UK when the government issued a statement to encourage all of its citizens to use alternative to sugars in order to sweeten their deserts and mentioned carrots as a natural replacement, this is where the carrot cake really came and made its mark as households all over Britain began creating their very own versions of the delicious carrot cake we still enjoy today. After this carrot cake eventually made its way to America where it becomes a staple after-dinner treat and is now extremely popular across the United States. Nowadays you can find carrot cake or a version of carrot cake in almost any country in the world, its a great classic that has been around for generations and thus deserves a full day of celebration.

How to Celebrate Carrot Cake Day?

There are a few different ways of celebrating national carrot cake day 2021 these ideas include

national carrot cake day

Baking a Carrot Cake

It is a tradition in many households to bake a delicious carrot cake from scratch, instead of buying one from your local supermarket or bakery, making one from scratch allows you to show your true appreciation for all the ingredients, the history of those ingredients, and the epic combination that those ingredients produce. It’s also a great idea to share your homemade freshly baked carrot cake with all your loved ones, including family and friends in an attempt to share the love with others.

Planting Carrots in Your Garden

Another celebratory act includes the planting of carrots in your garden. Carrots are an extremely easy vegetable to grow as they don’t require much effort or fancy equipment. All you’ll need to begin this process is some carrot seeds and a place will open soil in which you can plant your seeds and allow them to grow and flourish into your very own carrots.

Watching Films and Enjoying Your Cake

Many households like to celebrate national carrot cake day by purchasing their very favorite carrot cake, sharing it amongst friends and family whilst enjoying a classic movie such as The Curse of the Were-Rabbit or Wallace and Gromit.

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