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Chicago City Council Bans Equestrian Carriages

equestrian carriages

Equestrian carriages were an integral part of the infrastructure in every city only a century ago. Millions of carriages and horses roamed the streets of London, Paris, New-York, San-Francisco, and Chicago.

Even now equestrian carriages are used in some cities, mostly for entertainment. But this transportation method has one overarching disadvantage – it requires an animal’s slave labor.

Horses were bred to live and die in a harness with no other option. Such life carries only pain, coercion, and exhausting labor. Of course, there were noble horses who served rich masters who looked after them properly but the majority have faced a much more unpleasant reality.

Harnesses, teeth, and horseshoes intrude the horse’s body and could cause several serious health issues. Taming and submission of such sensitive and decent animals cannot be called a humane act. This act confronts the main vegan principle whereby the use of animals for entertainment is forbidden.

Equestrian carriage is an archaic and cruel type of transport. Chicago city council has banned equestrian carriages for this reason and by listening to vegan activists. There will be no abusive transport on the streets of Chicago from the beginning of 2021.

Several US cities have banned equestrian carriages too including Camden, Biloxi, and Salt Lake City. Equestrian carriages were an integral part of the city’s image for centuries and Chicago will lose another part of its history for sure. But animal exploitation is unacceptable in today’s society as well as using animals for entertainment.

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