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Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

With the numerous chickpea recipes readily available at the tips of our fingers, you have probably found yourself asking, “Are chickpeas healthy?” and “Are chickpeas good for you?” Chickpeas are a staple food in any diet, and today I am going to tell you why. We are going to cover all of the health benefits of chickpeas. If you have ever wanted more information on garbanzo beans, you have come to the right place.

Nutrients Found in Chickpeas

There are various health benefits of garbanzo beans as they are filled with a large variety of vitamins and nutrients. Some of the known nutrients and vitamins in chickpeas are calcium, fiber, iron, folate, and phosphorus. I know these may just sound like words to you, but I will explain what each of these nutrients’ purposes is and why chickpeas are a great addition to your lifestyle. Calcium is necessary for the production and maintenance of strong bones in the body. On top of this, calcium helps the body perform some important tasks such as carrying messages from the brain to the body in order for success in muscle movements. Fiber is essential to the human body as its main role is to maintain a healthy and well functioning digestive tract. We need iron to carry oxygen in our red blood cells throughout the body in order to receive energy. Iron is a mineral that can commonly be found in dark leafy greens and thankfully chickpeas as well. Folate is less frequently talked about, but it’s necessary for the creation of DNA and other genetic materials. Lastly, phosphorus. Phosphorus plays a huge role in and throughout the human body. Its main job is to assist in the creation of strong teeth and bones, but this is not all. Phosphorus also has the task of helping the body’s usage of carbohydrates and fat as well as is needed to make protein for the growth and repair of cells and tissues. As you can see, all of these vitamins and nutrients are essential to a healthy and happy body. So are chickpeas good for diet health? Yes, they most definitely are.

Protein Source

Chickpeas Protein Source

Not only are garbanzo beans amazing in assisting many functions of the human body due to their high content of nutrients and vitamins, but chickpeas are also a great source of protein. If you are a vegetarian, vegan, or are considering transitioning into a more plant-based lifestyle, you may have people constantly pestering you on this false idea that you will not be able to consume enough protein without the consumption of meat. This is a false statement that people tell others without any information to back them up. Yes, meat consumption is indeed a source of protein, but this does not mean it is the only source. There are many ways to obtain protein on a vegetarian or vegan diet and chickpeas are just one of many. The recommended daily serving of chickpeas sits at one cup of cooked chickpeas. In just one cup, you are able to receive 14.5 grams of protein. This is amazing and so easy to add to any dish. This is one of the more essential garbanzo beans benefits making the consumption of this delicious food worthwhile.


If after reading all of that you are still asking, “What are the benefits of chickpeas?”, health aside, they are such a versatile food. Chickpeas can be prepared and cooked in a myriad of ways, making it easy to add nutrients to a large variety of meals. There are many recipes for main dishes as well as side dishes that involve the use of garbanzo beans. Some examples are Chickpea Curry, Chana Masala, Chickpea Salad, Hummus, and even chickpeas on their own as a salad topper. Any chance you get to add chickpeas into a meal, I recommend you do, for both flavor and health reasons. You may be wondering if the roasted chickpeas’ health benefits differ from those that are unroasted. My answer to this question would be yes. When roasting foods, the use of oil and seasonings are often involved. When adding oil, we are increasing the calorie and fat content which in turn would make the chickpeas slightly less healthy. However, because chickpeas already have a lower fat profile, the addition of healthy oil is actually great for your daily diet. Another thing that not everyone knows about canned chickpeas is that you can also find a use for the water they are sitting in. This chickpea water is also known as Aquafaba and can be used in baking recipes as a replacement for egg whites. When whipped it has the ability to become extremely light and airy. So the next time you are straining out a can of chickpeas, save the Aquafaba and get baking!

Wrapping It Up

Chickpeas Versatility

Well there you have it, everything you need to know and more about chickpeas nutrition health benefits. So how healthy are chickpeas? How healthy are garbanzo beans? Very healthy. Remember, chickpeas are a great addition to any lifestyle, meat-eaters, and vegans alike. Everyone can always benefit from the vitamins, nutrients, and protein found within this magical legume. I highly recommend that you try out some of the many recipes found at the ready online involving chickpeas. I promise you will have no regrets delving deeper into the world of garbanzo beans.

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