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Chinese Government Excluded Pangolin Scale from the Traditional Medicine Ingredients List


Chinese Pangolin as well as other seven pangolin species are threatened with extinction due to the large scales of poaching and traditional medicine’s market demands.

Pangolin is a rare mammal that feeds on ants and other insects. This harmless creature experiences its rapid population decreasing and its existence is at stake.

Pangolin scale has been used for centuries to cure blood circulation and erectile illnesses. Such medicines are very demanded on the Chinese market which causes mass extermination of numerous rare animal species.

Elephants, rhinoceros, pangolins, rare snake species, tigers, beavers, and reindeers are being killed at a frightening rate. Previously widespread species are now almost extinct and represent themselves as small and battered groups.

Most of the time poachers and hunters catch pangolins and other animals and lock them up in small cages where trapped animals are condemned to live the rest of their life until they will be killed for their body parts.

Now pangolins are secured by the Chinese legislation and any hunter or poacher who will kill a pangolin will be sentenced up to ten years of imprisonment. Such protection should extend to all wild and endangered animal species according to Catherine Wise, a representative of The World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Wild animal hunting can cause epidemics according to recent scientific studies since the recent coronavirus pandemic was connected with wet animal markets where hunted and caught animals are sold.

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