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What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil, and What Does the Oil Used For?

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil

You may have heard people talking about coconut oil and its amazing benefits before. In fact, the value of coconut oil has been a part of many vegan lifestyles since its existence. With people everywhere shouting about the reasons one should use coconut oil and the range of benefits it can have for the internal and external aspects of your body, how do you know where to even begin.

There are many different reasons to use coconut oil, and the results will ultimately depend on the goals you are trying to achieve. To help you understand a little bit more about what coconut oil is and what it can do for you, here is all the information you need to start your very own healing journey of recovery and health.

What Is Coconut Oil?

There is so much coconut oil information circling the internet, health sites, and influencers pages, it’s hard to know what to believe. But before we can really get into the advantages of coconut oil, it’s best to know what it really is. Coconut oil is essentially a plant-based oil derived from a coconut. More explicit, it is an edible product that appears when the meat of the coconut is melted. It is a form of essential fats and is used in a multitude of cooking recipes. Coconut oil has since been marked as what is known as a superfood, meaning in just a small amount it can have a large range of incredible health benefits.

Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts

Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts

With coconut oil and its benefits being such a widely talked about topic, there are many questions that often emerge regarding its nutritional information.

While you may be wanting to include it into your diet for health-related reasons, others would like to include it for either fat loss or muscle gain and are curious as to how well it can fit into their diet plan. It’s really the calories in coconut oil that every one a bit concerned about, however, one needs to weigh up the nutritional value of the product as a whole. To better understand this, the basic nutritional information you can expect to find in one hundred grams of coconut oil includes:

  • Calories — 860
  • Fat — 100g
  • Carbohydrates — 0g
  • Sugars-0g
  • Fiber — 0g
  • Protein — 0g
  • Vitamin C — 0%
  • Iron-0%
  • Vitamin B — 0%
  • Calcium — 0%
  • Vitamin D — 0%

As you can see, there is really not much information when it comes to the nutritional value of coconut oil. Because it is pure fat, its only content is fat, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your goals. There is also not a single vitamin in coconut oil, but yet its benefits are still so great.

What Is Coconut Oil Used For?

What Is Coconut Oil Used For?

There are many coconut oil uses that stretch far beyond the vegan dietary requirements. Some of the many uses and reasons for these uses of coconut oil include:

Cosmetic Purposes

People use coconut oil in their hair and on their skin to help with moisture content.


Coconut oil has been used in many traditional recipes for centuries. Because of its high-fat content and particular taste, it often adds a unique flavor to many Asian-inspired recipes. It is also used in recipes for healthy cooking and is appealing as an alternative to regular olive oil.


Coconut oil has the ability to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun but also allows you to tan really easily in hot weather.

Dental Care

People also use coconut oil to get rid of bacteria found in the mouth by gargling it around with their daily intake of coconut oil.

Wound Healing

Some people also believe that applying coconut oil to a wound may increase the speed of the healing process and prevent further damage and scarring.

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Oil?

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Oil?

So why is coconut oil good for you? The ultimate question that everyone wants the answer to. Before we begin our coconut journey and choose to add it into our diet, of course, we need to know what the possible benefits would be. With all the hype that coconut oil has caused and its increasingly growing range of health benefits, it may be hard to decide if it is the best solution for you on your own personal journey. To help make this decision easier, here are some of the coconut oil health benefits you can expect to find:

Fatty Acids

Coconut oil is naturally high in certain types of fatty acids. These fats actually encourage your body to burn fat and can provide a quick, instant burst of energy to your body and your brain.

Heart Health

Through many studies and research, it has been found that including coconut oil in your diet can actually boost the health of your heart. Not only will it help your heart’s health, but can also lower the risk of obtaining heart diseases as well.

Antimicrobial Effect

Coconut oil is made u of fifty percent lauric acid, which is turned into a substance known as monolaurin when digested. These two acids are powerful at killing harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This could help reduce infection and prevent the symptoms of common illnesses from becoming worse.

Reduce Hunger

If you are trying to lose weight, you will need to limit your daily calorie intake. This can be extremely difficult when you feel hungry. Studies have proven that adding coconut oil to meals can reduce one’s overall feelings of hunger. This mostly happens because of the way your body reacts when metabolizing fats.

May Reduce Seizures

One of the most interesting facts about coconut oil is its ability to help reduce seizures. With the combination of eating a low-carb, high-fat diet, the inclusion of coconut oil has been suggested to show a decrease in the seizures felt by children with epilepsy. This is because the fats will make your body produce a larger amount of ketones, which have amazing healing effects on the internal aspects of the body.

Raises Good Cholesterol

A rise in good cholesterol is another one of the effects of coconut oil. This is because coconut oil possesses natural saturated fats that help to raise the good cholesterol or HDL levels in your body. This increase in good cholesterol can help improve one’s overall health and especially aid in the heart of the heart and the prevention of organ-related diseases.

Protection Of Skin, Hair, And Teeth

Experts have proven that applying coconut oil directly to the skin may reduce harmful rashes and disorders such as name. It is also a nutritional pro for the moisture, strength, and length of one’s hair and has been used to created good dental health and oral hygiene in recent practices.

Brain Health

The ketones that coconut oil provides are ones that directly affect the brain. These ketones give a burst of energy and can help with things such as concentration and memory. Studies have shown that including coconut oil in your diet can actually help to improve brain function and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Now that you know all about the many coconut oil benefits and side effects and why people choose to include it in their diet, the decision is up to you. Coconut oil does have some great advantages for both the health of your internal and external body.

It is also important to remember that these effects are different for everyone and are a direct reflection of your personal body and of course dietary choices.

So the next time you’re at the grocery store, why not pick up some coconut oil and see how you like it for yourself.

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