Vegan Soap Brands

Cruelty Free Vegan Soap Brands For Better Health And Wellbeing

Every single product we choose to put on our skin has an impact on our health, inside and out.

Starting from our shampoo to conditioner, moisturizers and foundations, the chemicals and ingredients within these products have a direct effect on the skin or other external parts of the body.

This is true for the soap brands and products we choose to use too.

Choosing a vegan soap is the a great and easy place to start using natural and organic ingredients.

That is why finding the ultimate and most natural vegan soap brand can be overwhelming at start but it’s essential for providing the best impact on our body and skin.

When it comes to picking which cruelty-free bar soap is best, the choice can sometimes be quite overwhelming, and knowing what to look for has become increasingly more difficult as many more brands have opted into the plant-based market.

In this article not only am I going to be explaining to you what ingredients you can expect to find in a regular soap bar and what makes a soap vegan but also some of the best brands of vegan bar soap on the market and why.

Is Soap Vegan?

So now that we’re taking a deeper look into the wide variety of vegetarian soap brands readily available to us and why they are better for us and the environment than any regular bar of soap, what about the ingredients that separate a cruelty-free soap from a non-cruelty-free soap?

Fortunately for us vegans, most of the soaps we see at our local stores are already naturally vegan, however, some brands include ingredients such as tallow, lard, goat’s milk, and honey into their products, automatically claiming them as non-vegan friendly as they are directly derived from animals.

Animal testing is another element of the soap manufacturing process that may make it non-cruelty-free.

So if you are a vegan you are particularly looking out for a soap without animal fat or other products as well as a soap not tested on animals in order to ensure it is 100 percent plant-based.

Other ingredients that may be found in non-vegan-friendly soaps include :

  • Glycerin
  • Glycerol
  • Sodium Stearate
  • Palm oil
  • beeswax
  • Sodium tallowate

Organic Vegan Soap

As well as wanting a soap to be completely plant-based and cruel free most of us would also like and enjoy a soap that is not packed full of harmful chemicals and toxins especially considering the fact that we are about to rub that onto our precious skin.

The best way to avoid this is to keep an eye out for organic products.

Some harmful chemicals found in many soap brands include:

  • Parabens
  • Dioxane
  • Formaldehyde

Organic vegan soaps aim to remove these harmful ingredients and instead opt for the most natural ingredients including things such as avocado and coconut oil which have been proven to help maintain, soften and even moisturize the skin.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Soap Brands:

Now that you have eliminated non-ethical, non-vegan soaps out of your agenda and you have a better understanding of what ingredients to avoid you can begin the careful selection process of finding the perfect vegan body soap for you and your skin.

Some of the best vegan soap brands on the market today include :

1-Chapel Soap – Handmade

The chapel soap company is a small business that produces handmade soap bars ranging in different flavors, shapes, and sizes.

They aim to produce a completely natural product that is not tested on animals and doesn’t include any palm oil or related substances.

Their product is smooth, easy to use, and doesn’t cause any skin irritations.


Weleda makes their soaps using 100 percent organic plant-based oils to produce a highly respected and eco-friendly range of vegan soap bars.

The entire bar from the product to the packaging is also made from entirely recyclable materials and meets all the health criteria standards.

3-Friendly Soap

Friendly soap is a vegan soap-producing company that has recently come out with the crowd favorite Lemongrass and Hemp” soap bar, which has got the vegan community raving on about the high quality of this brand.

Friendly soap also produces other vegan products including shaving cream, shampoos, and cleansing bars.

4-Wild Sage + Co

Another eco-friendly soap bar is by the family-owned business known as Wild Sage + Co.

The business has created award-winning soap bars in their range Real Eco where they produce natural vegan soaps and skincare products.

All their products are 100 percent cruelty-free, natural, and handmade, so you know you are getting the highest quality when purchasing any one of their wide range of vegan products.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we can see that vegan glycerin soap bars are available to us in quite the abundance.

However, all is not always as it seems and before purchasing any self-claimed “natural” products one should take a hard look at the ingredients, and steer away from unpronounceable chemicals and rather opt for a brand that prides themselves in ethical, environmental and cruelty-free values, producing products of high quality, high standards and proven positive effects on the skin.

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