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Cultured Meat Production, Backed by Kutcher & Foundation, Is Expanding

Cultured Meat Production, Backed by Kutcher

Kutcher’s Sound Ventures fund seeks to provide ongoing support for a new generation of environmentally friendly and forward-thinking businesses.

Next Generation Manufacturing

This time, the actor’s values are aptly aligned with the vision and principles of MeaTech, which offers a new, creative solution for lean meat production. Thus, the Israeli company develops its own product and produces a new generation of meat using 3D printing.

MeaTech’s method makes it possible to produce real meat without animal resources and without killing any living creatures.

Kutcher, on the other hand, said they are inspired and inspired by MeaTech’s innovative technology, which they believe will soon become a leader in the industrial production of vegan meat. This is the secret to success for more sustainable and cleaner meat production.

Vegan Meat Production with Ashton Kutcher’s Investment

The actor is determined to work closely with MeaTech management to help implement ideas and plans to achieve their goals.

Another celebrity has joined the growing list of names investing in vegan culture. 

Last month, Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio invested in two similar meat startups.

Alternative Future

MeaTech is targeting chicken, pork and beef steaks. 

In addition, the company recently acquired Belgian startup Peace of Meat, which develops vegan foie gras.

The company also works with fats. They are used as ingredients to improve the flavor of plant-based meats.

Nowadays, most production companies aim to use vegetable fats to improve further products. 

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