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Dairy-Based Butter Is Four Times More Dangerous than Its Vegetable Alternative

vegan butter

Many researches were conducted when vegan butter appeared on the market. Their aim was to study the environmental impact of this product as well as comparing it to its dairy alternative.

The results of the studies made it clear that plant-based butter is many times safer for the environment than animal butter.

The study was based on eighteen environmental indicators. These included the level of carbon dioxide and methane emissions, the degree of industrial pollution and the total amount of resources used to produce these products.

The results were summarized in a table, the main element of which was an indicator of the volume of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Thus, the emission, caused by the production of one kilogram of animal-based butter, was almost thirteen kilograms. And it was only three and a half during producing the same amount of vegan butter.

Vegan Butter Is Better than a Dairy One

That is, the production of vegan butter is almost four times more environmentally friendly than the production of a dairy one. Nevertheless, this product remains unsafe for nature. Carbon dioxide emissions from cereals and other crops remain much lower than those from substitute products.

However, vegan butter can be the beginning of dairy products replacement in people’s diets. Products in this spectrum also include this kind of butter and cheese.

Other studies have determined the effect of excluding all animal products from the human diet. This exclusion will reduce methane emissions by more than half. And it will also reduce the carbon footprint of humans themselves by seventy percent.

Several tests have proven that vegan butter is very close by taste to a dairy one. This gives us a conclusion, that it will be much better for the environment to implement vegan technologies to the daily diet of all people, not mentioning the health benefits which plant-based food could bring to us.

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