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Denny’s Harmonious Protein and Plant-Based Breakfast Is a New Version for You

Denny’s Harmonious Protein and Plant-Based Breakfast

A new option is now available!

Denny’s is ready to update its menu with new plant-based breakfast options.

As you know, starting in the fall of 2019, Denny’s introduced their first vegan burgers, based on Beyond Burger meat in some vegan restaurants. The chain now delivers meatless products to more than 1,500 different establishments across North America. Today, the eatery chain is expanding its range of dishes according to vegan eating.

Denny’s Focus on Breakfast

DENNY’S Fresh Breakfast Versions

The diner chain began thinking about plant-based breakfasts after a statement from animal rights group “Mercy For Animals” (MFA), which encourages major grocery chains to update their menu flavors by adding new vegan alternatives.

The company is keeping a secret for now as to what plant-based foods are planned for the breakfast favorites of its customers. But there is speculation that it’s a high-protein replacement for traditional meat with eggs and cheese.

This is the kind of restaurant chain that’s ready to serve breakfast at any time of day, and the new dishes expand the iconic versions of delicious mornings. Denny’s is committed to adding plant-based protein to the menu and perfecting the perfect meal formulas for their customers every day.

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