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Diet: Proteins and Carcinogens

does chicken cause cancer

Modern ration includes big amounts of protein – a nutrient that was hardly accessible for most people before. Animal products such as meat, sausages, ham, and others are highly appetizing but the increased intake of such products could cause numerous health problems from obesity and diabetes to cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Animal Protein Intake and Cancer Development

Researchers have found a connection between animal protein intake and cancer development. It is widely known that meat is an unhealthy, heavy, and low-nutritious product considering the production processes and the number of hormones and antibiotics in meat production.

In the 1970s average European or American consumed three-times less animal-based protein than now. Unhealthy ration, abundant with sugars, salt, meat, processed meat, and other harmful products had caused the endemic rise of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

A strong connection between animal proteins and carcinogens was discovered in a recent study, conducted by the University of Southern California. To understand how animal proteins and carcinogens are connected it is necessary to know what carcinogens are on the cellular level.

On the cellular level carcinogens are represented by the hormone-insulin-like growth factor -1. This hormone is responsible for cell growth but it stimulates the growth of cancer cells too. Malignant cancer cells grow rapidly due to the increased intake of animal proteins which cause the rise of the hormone-insulin-like growth factor -1. Essential amino acids are in charge of its rise.

Eighteen-year medical data of six thousand people was analyzed to find out how animal protein affects our health and hormone balance. The results were concerning. People who ate more animal proteins had four times more chances to die from cancer.

Such risks could be compared with smoking in the terms of cancer development. Studied people who ate vast amounts of animal-based products are frailer and feeble than people who favored rich in carbohydrates and plant-based protein products.

Proteins Are an Integral Part of Every Diet

do eggs cause cancer

A sufficient number of proteins in a diet is necessary because proteins are an integral part of every diet. A human can’t be healthy by consuming carbohydrates or proteins solely. The right balance should always be maintained to be healthy and gain all the needed nutrients and microelements.

But the modern state of the meat industry forces meat producers to use all available means of productivity increasing. Hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and processed fodders make animal meat a dangerous and harmful product. These measures are being used to satisfy the market’s demands for meat products since meat-based foods are used everywhere from home cooking and fast-food establishments to restaurants and public facilities.

It is necessary to know which products carry the highest cancer risks. Pork, beef, processed meat products such as sausages and hams are one of them. Deep-fried, spiced, smoked, and roasted meat dishes should also be included in that list.

Plant-Based Proteins

vegetarian and cancer

Plant-based proteins could be gained from such products as whole grains, nuts, legumes, and soybeans. Those are the richest plant-protein sources. Plant-based protein isn’t connected to cancer risks and their intake can only benefit your health and the environmental state of our planet.

Intake of such common animal-based products as eggs, bacon, beef, and pork is related to a higher type 2 diabetes risk, raised cholesterol levels, vessel clogging, cardiovascular diseases, migraines, sexual dysfunction, and cancer development.

These health issues are undoubtedly terrific but to avoid them and become a healthy and energetic person at the same type, a proper plant-based ration should be developed and maintained.

A big amount of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds should be present in a healthy and well-balanced vegan ration. We can’t get all the necessary nutrients by maintaining a poor and low-varied ration. Different foods and products are needed to make your ration a key to a healthy and energetic future.

Animal Proteins for and Against

can eating meat cause cancer

Although there are many so-called high-quality animal foods such as salmon, turkey, eggs and homegrown chicken, they’re all abundant with cholesterol and bad fats. Such products are excessive for our organisms because our bodies produce the right amount of cholesterol by themselves as well as we can easily gain all the necessary healthy fats by maintaining the basics of vegan ration.

It can be stated that chicken, eggs, meat and fish causes cancer. Vegans, as people who exclude all meat and dairy products from the menu, have a much lower risk of getting cancer than people who maintain a traditional diet and even vegetarians.

Animal products and cancer are related and only maintaining a strict vegan diet can help you to avoid such a risk.

A sustainable and cruelty-free diet can be considered as the healthiest and the most environmentally-friendly diet. Vegans should think a lot more about what they eat because our society is not designed for vegans. But studies such as the study conducted by the University of Southern California help to aware people of the benefits of a plant-based diet and meat-free nutrition. People do care about their health but a traditional lifestyle keeps them from seeing how a traditional diet harms human health. It doesn’t mean that the traditional diet is bad and harmful. But the modern state of such a diet causes undeniable harm to human health.

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