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Do Beans Belong to the Vegetable Class?


Beans are one of the most common dishes on the planet. Many people use them as a nourishing and delicious addition to their own dishes, or as a sole meal. However, many people are not sure to which group of food they should be included.

Beans are rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and fiber, which places them in the group of vegetables. However, the atypical protein content, as in vegetable foods, raises some doubts about this. Beans outnumber even certain types of meat in terms of protein content.

Beans come from legumes family according to botanical point of view. Ripening of the fruit inside the pod is their characteristic feature. They are often attributed to their own food group due to their unique nutritional characteristics. They are most often identified as vegetables while being categorized.

The dependence of beans’ nutritional benefits on the soil in which they grew and the presence of phytonutrients in them are among the features that equate them with vegetables. Beans can be classified as a subgroup of ¬ęstarchy vegetables¬Ľ because of their composition.

Also they are included in the group of protein products due to their high protein content. They can serve as a substitute for meat and are one of the main sources of protein for vegetarians.

A person who refused meat consumption will need to eat one and a half times more beans, comparing to the quantity of meat in order to compensate protein level.

Also combining them with other sources of protein to obtain all necessary amino acids and nutrients. Inclusion of beans in the daily diet will improve overall quality of the diet not matter to which food group they’re belong to.

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