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Everything You Need To Know About All Things Durian Benefits and Side Effects

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A fruit known as Durian remains a mystery to most of the public, this weird-looking mountain considered to be a fruit has become of high interest to fruit enthusiasts, vegans, vegetarians, and most plant-based eaters, mainly for its wide range of health benefits and cooking features. There have been many controversial opinions circling the internet on the topic of durian nutritional info and whether the durian health risk is actually a potential disadvantage and harmful factor. In this article, I will be answering all the most asked durian-related questions and giving you a bit of background information on the fruit that has made its way onto social media.

What Is Durian?

So before we can dive into the nitty-gritty details of durian fruit health benefits and the possible disadvantages of durian you may expect to find, let’s get to grips with what durian actually is. Durian is a fruit that goes by the nickname ‘king of fruits, but durian is quite different from most of the fruits we can expect to find at our local groceries, why? Firstly its appearance is large, green and covered in spikes and secondly its unusuality. Durian is a fruit that is either loved or hated and has even dived the internet due to people’s opinions on durian fruit uses, textures, taste, and smell. Durian fruit originates from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines however it has also grown to become increasingly popular in both the Asian market and even in parts of the United States. The one thing that truly makes Durian stand out in a crowd is its smell, although durian benefits may be great, the smell is what really puts people off. The resembles that of rotten garbage and has even been banned from hotels, apartment buildings, and even public transport in some countries.

Durian Calories and Nutritional Information

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So if this fruit is so smelly that it has become a hazard then why even bother eating it? The reason people push through the smell and the abnormal size of the durian fruit is because of the many benefits of eating durian. Let’s talk a bit about durian nutritional information. So how many calories are in a Durian? Durian calories come out to about 350 per cup ( 245g) which rounds out to about half the fruit depending on the size. However saying this, the strong and intense taste that durian offers means you don’t need much to experience all of that flavor. Some more durian nutritional information includes :

Durian Fat Content

Compared to most fruits durian is actually high in fat as there are about 13 grams per 1 cup ( 245g) which contribute to its higher calorie amount.

Durian Protein Content

Just like most fruits Durians’ protein content is relatively low, with only about 3.6 grams per 1 cup (245g).

Durian Carbohydrates Content

Most of the durian calories come from its amount of carbohydrates, there are about 66 carbohydrates in 1 cup (245g) of durian.

Durian Fiber Content

Durian has 9.2 grams of fiber per cup ( 245g ) which is typical of most tropical fruits but is one of the reasons durian is so good for gut health and the overall digestive system.

Durian Vitamins and Minerals

Considering the durian size you would expect to find a lot of good vitamins and minerals considering how much of it you’ll have to eat once it’s been cracked open. Well lucky for you Durian possess some great vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, many kinds of Vitamin B such as folate, Vitamin B6, and niacin. Durian also possesses minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper, and zinc, which are all crucial from a strong immune system.

Durian Benefits and Side Effects

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So the real question is, is durian good for health? Are Durians healthy? Is it really worth the struggle of carrying this enormous fruit, struggling to open it, and having to deal with the strong smell that it realizes? Well let’s way up to some important pros and cons and you can decide for yourself.

Health Benefits of Durian:

Durian possesses some of the greatest health benefits of any tropical fruit available to us, including :

Reduces Risk of Cancer

The antioxidants quality that durian possess helps to reduces your risk of contracting certain cancer types.

Helps Fight Infection

Durian contains compounds that have both antibacterial and anti-yeast properties that can help your body fight diseases and infection.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Durian has one of the lowest glycemic indexes of all tropical fruit, meaning it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels.

Prevents Heart Disease

The compounds durian possesses help lower cholesterol levels and risk of contracting heart-related illnesses.

Side Effects Of Durian:

While durian has many unbelievable health benefits, it also comes with some side effects and disadvantages too, these are not always experienced by everyone so take a look at possible underlying health conditions before proceeding to eat the fruit. Some of the potential health risks associated and durian side effects include :

Cannot Be Eaten With Alcohol

Durian can not be eaten with the consumption of alcohol because of its high sulfur content the metabolism slows down while trying to process both the contents of the fruit and the alcohol, meaning you may experience some uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, ingestion, and a terrible hangover.

Warming Properties

Durian is considered a heat food according to Chinese Traditional medicine, which means that eating too much of it can cause symptoms such as a sore throat and mild-severe constipation.

High in Calories and Sugar

Durian is both high in calories and sugar meaning it can increase weight gain and is not suitable for people who suffer from diabetes.

Interesting Durian Facts

durian facts

Durian is a fruit like no other, from the taste to the texture to the smell it is not comparable to any other well-known fruit, but nonetheless it does have a very interesting nature, some crazy durian facts you may like to know include :

  1. Durian is banned on the subway in Singapore and in multiple hotels across Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong due to its atrocious smell that resembles rotten trash and sweaty gym socks.
  2. Everyone has a different opinion of what durian actually tastes like, some people compare it to custard and others to rotten onions, so it’s really one of those who love it or hate it types of foods.
  3. The bad side of durian is currently being extensively researched as they have found eating too much durian can cause excessive sweating and a rise in blood pressure.
  4. Durian should be avoided by any and all pregnant women as they have found its side effects to be harmful to the pregnancy process.

As you can see durian is one heck of an interesting fruit, with many pros and cons, the only way to truly know if it’s for you is to give it a try.

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