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Eco-Friendly Bathroom

eco-friendly bathroom

Have you ever noted the enormous amount of plastic shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, shower gels, and disposable razors? Now multiply this amount in a hundred times and see how much waste our bathroom routine produces.

You will see the same thing in every bathroom throughout the world. The vegan movement had affected many spheres of our life and the public’s awareness about the environmental impact of humanity had forced many of us to maintain an eco-friendlier lifestyle as far as possible.

Bathroom Routine

eco friendly tips

But such changes bypassed our bathrooms. We still use numerous disposable bottles, packaging, razors, and other accessories in our daily life. Bathroom routine is an integral part of our life and there’s no way we can avoid it.

But we can make it more environmentally-sustainable and eco-friendlier than it is now. We need to consider how we can reduce the amount of wastage that’s coming out of our bathrooms.

Some changes could be done by yourself, some of them are ready to be implemented thanks to the producers of environmentally-friendly substitutes for disposable bathroom accessories.

How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendlier?

eco friendly faucets
  • Replace your shampoo and shower gel bottles with dry/solid shampoo. Solid shampoo often comes with eco-friendly and degradable packaging and features neutral and safe for your health composition. Dry shampoo is mostly handmade which proves its safety for your health.
  • Plastic toothbrushes can be easily replaced with wooden analogs which are made of bamboo or other wooden materials. Bristles of eco-friendly toothbrushes are made of easy-to-degrade plastic and the whole wooden toothbrush can be decomposed within three months.
  • Disposable razors can be replaced by a reusable razor or a straight razor. Expendables such as face lotion, shaving gel, soap, and others could be purchased in eco-sustainable packaging such as tin or carton boxes.
  • Wooden hair combs, wooden brushes, linen and cotton towels with no bright coloration, bathrobe made of natural fabrics, jute loofah, and other eco-sustainable necessities can significantly decrease the amount of toxic and plastic wastage.
  • Dispensers, soap dishes, and tooth glasses can be made of glass, wood, or other eco-sustainable materials. High-quality plastic is welcomed too but this option can be easily bypassed.
  • Toothpowder can solve the everlasting problem with half-empty and numerous toothpaste tubes.
  • You can also make your own eco-friendly deodorant using only natural ingredients that will benefit your skin health. Store-bought deodorants could cause a lot of damage to your skin and lymphatic system in a long-term period.
eco friendly bathroom vanity

All these items can help you to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. Our society is not designed to be a zero-waste society but you can minimize the amount of wastage by implementing the above-mentioned measures.

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