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EU Will Increase Its Investments in Plant-Based Nutrition

plant-based nutrition

The European Commission developed a plan according to which all the European population will be able to switch to plant-based nutrition with the help of the EU government.

This plan was developed in order to make EU countries carbon-neutral by 2050 and includes a hundred billion euros. Ten billion euros will be deployed from the fund for the development of vegan meat substitutes and full-fledged plant-based nutrition.

Animal-Based Proteins

full fledged plant

People gain most proteins from animal-based products avoiding green protein sources such as soy, tofu, legumes, and other nutritious products. A new EU’s plan will be focused on the promotion and development of plant-based protein products such as plant-based and cultivated meat which analogs can already be found in most supermarkets.

The EU’s plan will diminish the role that animal farming plays in today’s society. Seventy percent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal farming and considering the environmental state of our planet, the massive transition to plant-based nutrition can greatly improve the state of our planet.

Animal farming objects and meat industry corporations will be deprived of the majority of subsidies. These funds will be used for plant production stimulation along with the horticulture and plant protein’s sector development.

Such changes in the agricultural sector would be met with benevolence given the fact that veganism gains wide popularity among people masses. More and more people transit to plant-based nutrition thanks to the popularization of veganism and heightened awareness about the environmental state of our planet.

The Meat Industry Brings a Lot of Horrific Things into Our World

EU's Plan

It includes environmental pollution, irrational resource waste, rampant cruelty towards animals, deleterious health consequences of animal products’ consumption, epidemics outbreaks, and more. Our planet is on the verge and such a massive transition to a plant-based diet can reverse the destructive and deadly effects which we have caused.

Successful transition to plant-based nutrition can be done by helping and funding the farmers to grow legume, pea, and soy cultures. Legumes and soy are widely used for plant-based meat production so their extensive cultivation can provide a massive transition to plant-based nutrition.

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