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International Falafel Day: Don’t Forget to Join the Celebration on June 12th

international falafel day

What do you know about traditional food that first appeared in the Middle East? Falafel (deep-fried chickpea or bean ball) is one of them. This is a delicious meat substitute that is loved not only by vegans but also by meat-eaters. Every year on June 12, millions of lovers of this delicacy feel its amazing taste. Therefore, we want to tell you a little more about International Falafel Day.

What Is Falafel Day: History

History is not so simple. The author of the holiday is unknown, and the history of the origin of this dish is also mysterious. People still argue about the time of occurrence, for example, some argue that even the ancient pharaohs loved Falafel. However, all of us agree that it was Egypt that became the first country where residents could pamper themselves with this dish. At first, beans were used in the recipe, and already when the dish was gaining popularity, chickpeas replaced beans. In early Middle Eastern countries and Egypt, it was a street food that was often eaten with other snacks. If you haven’t noticed before, nowadays, even the world-famous fast-food chain McDonald’s has its own variation of this dish on the morning menu. From the East and Egypt, this dish has made its way to the cuisines of Greek, Jewish restaurants, and communities in North America. But the most popular already as street food, Falafel received after 1970 and began to be offered as a lean alternative for vegetarians. The Jewish nation has appreciated Falafel and has long included it in the list of their national dishes. As you can see, the dish is popular all over the world. So why not celebrate it?

International Falafel Day: Ways of Celebration

falafel day

We want to offer you several options for how to spend June 12th. We hope you enjoy some of them.

  • Try to remember all the places you have ever tasted Falafel and make your own rating. Then be sure to post on social media with the location. As many people as possible will be able to join the holiday. And do not forget to enjoy this dish yourself.
  • If you haven’t tried falafel yet, then June 12th is the day for your first try. Google the places with good reviews and go ahead and taste this incredible dish.
  • If you love to cook, then this option is for you. Find the falafel recipe and cook it. Delight your loved ones with this snack. And don’t forget to post the result of your recipe creation.

If you know any other ways to celebrate, then be sure to share in the comments with other readers.

Do you like falafel? When and where did you first try it? We are waiting for your answers in the comments. Don’t forget to join the celebration. Happy Falafel Day!

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