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The Most Famous Vegetarians and Vegans in History: Top-5 Influencers

The Most Famous Vegetarians in History

Veganism, although it may feel like a relatively new part of diet and culture, has actually been around for many years. There are a number of famous vegans in history that have shaped and formed the way veganism is looked at today. What may have started as an act of rebellion against animal cruelty has grown into a mass following of protecting our planet, our animals, and our health through the daily dietary choices we make. It has something that has evolved into a globally acknowledged choice and has increased in the amount of following it has taken on. For all of this, we have the brilliant and inspirational vegans from the past to thank, and here is why.

Vegetarians And Vegans In History

Vegetarians and vegans in history are ultimately responsible for the impact and growth of veganism as a lifestyle and diet choice we see today. Veganism which is ultimately an extreme form of vegetarianism was formed and named in the year 1944 to classify those that choose not to eat any animal products including meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.

They also don’t use products such as leather, wool, and pearls and instead choose to adopt a plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle. However, the concept of veganism and vegetarianism dates back all the way to ancient times. Historical vegans were a big part of both Indian and eastern Mediterranean culture and are mentioned throughout religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. This concept then began to circle the globe, and the very first vegetarian society was formed in England in the year 1847. Just three years later America did the same thing, forming their own society which continued to grow by the thousands. From this evolved veganism, a term used to describe a stricter, more intense form of veganism.

Famous Vegans And Vegetarians In History

There are many ancient vegans and vegetarians that have been a massive part of creating the society we have today. Without the bold nature and enforcement of such famous vegans, we would not have the accessibility to the plant-based alternatives we see today. Back then being vegan was difficult and meant a lot of discipline and restriction, whereas nowadays almost every animal product now has its own vegan version, making the transition easier and more enjoyable.

List Of Vegans In History

Some of the most notable vegans within our history include:


Famous Vegan Pythagoras

Yes, apart from the globally used Pythagorean theorem used as a fundamental part of geometry, Pythagoras is always one of the most famous vegans in history. Pythagoras believed in equality and stood strongly against animal cruelty. He even created a school in which his members were sworn to secrecy as he taught them about animal compassion.

Brigitte Bardot

Famous Vegan Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot became a vegetarian in support of animal rights. She has donated millions of dollars towards helping to protect and save endangered species and often speaks out about overexploitation and even has her own foundation dedicated to the protection of animals.


Famous Vegan Gandhi

Another famous vegetarian in history responsible for changing the nature of dietary culture is none other than Gandhi himself. Gandhi was a great Indian leader who had many followers to his name. He advocated for a cruelty-free lifestyle and felt as though eating meat was considered a sin. He strayed from his own family’s beliefs and whilst studying law in England made it his mission to find the best vegetarian restaurants.

John Harvey Kellog

Famous Vegan John Harvey Kellog

John Harvey Kellog was the most prominent vegetarian in all of American history. He was a well-respected doctor and health food evangelist who promoted vegetarianism as a form of biological living. He believed that the diet could cure illness and disease and allow people to live longer and happier lives.

Paul McCartney

Famous Vegan Paul McCartney

Not just a prominent member of the Beatles, Paul McCartney was an advent vegan too. After witnessing the death of fish, the musician opted for veganism along with his daughter and famous fashion designer Linda Mccartney who followed in his footsteps. He was very fanatical about animal cruelty and demanded every item associated with his name would be plant-based.

These are not the only famous vegetarians in history. There are many more that have also allowed us to achieve the form of veganism we see today. Some others that are very notable include Bill Clinton, Bryan Adams. Leonardo Da Vinchi, Natalie Portman, and Brad Pitt.

As you can see, veganism and vegetarianism are concepts, ideas, and standards that were created long before our time. The belief that animal cruelty should not exist is anything new, however, the way in which we can execute it has grown.

Nowadays veganism and vegetarianism have become the norm and great success within the culture has been reached. We have access to so many substitutes and alternatives, we don’t need to rely on animal products anymore. So if people within our history could live a plant-based lifestyle, there is no reason we can’t either.

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