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Fast-Food Restaurant Chain Working on the World’s First AffordableVegan Burger

First Budget Vegan Burger Gets Ready to Launch Soon

Ready Burger is hard at work creating the world’s first and most affordable vegan menu, which includes plant-based burgers.

The all-vegan fast food chain is ushering in a new era and culture in which food without animal products is inexpensive and accessible to all. Nevertheless, such food is as good as, and even better than, the original version in terms of taste.

It was the spread of the vegan movement around the world that prompted the company to launch the most affordable plant-based burger on the planet.

The burger patty, made with oyster mushrooms, oat fibre and soya protein, is served with ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions on a vegan bun. As nutritionists say, it’s a real source of vitamin B12, protein and fibre.

A Healthy Alternative Now for Everyone

Everyone understands that the world needs to eat less meat, but plant-based foods were, until recently, too expensive. And this has been the biggest obstacle to the growth of veganism itself.

So Ready Burger has developed a menu in less than a year to offer an affordable and delicious version of familiar vegan fast food. The signature burger has become a major goal for the company. And there are plans to lower prices in the future as the product scales up.

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