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Five Ideas for Healthy Intraday Snacks

vegan snacks

Although it is necessary to have three complex meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, intraday snacks are highly recommended for everyone, especially for the people who live an active and full life.

Modern life tempo doesn’t leave enough time to have calm and measured meals throughout the day. We are often very busy during the day while stressful work and noisy surroundings interfere with our lives in a rough way.

Our jobs often require a lot of intelligence activity, not to mention the often exhausting daily routine with early wake-ups and reduced bedtime. Brain spends more than a quarter of all calories on thinking and analyzing and most of the modern jobs require high intellectual activity.

That’s why it is so important to have several intraday snacks that will fill you with energy and stimulate your health and brain activity. If you will have a well-balanced and healthy diet, it will be much easier to cope with daily stress and challenges.

Why Healthy Snacks?

healthy crunchy snacks

There are numerous ideas for healthy snacks because any healthy ready-to-eat or pre-cooked product can serve as a snack. Healthy snacks can’t replace a lunch or dinner but they can fuel you up throughout the day and keep you energized between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and late dinner.

You can take them to work to nourish yourself with important vitamins and microelements during the working day. Snacks can accompany you during the promenades and rides from one place to another.

Granola Bars

low-fat snacks

Granola bars are made of grains, oatmeal, nuts, fruits, and berries and became mainstream since a healthy lifestyle became a trend. Long before, hard-working people gave preference to whole oatmeal, nuts, and fruits but now we have a handy and cheap option – a granola bar. We don’t need to cook oatmeal, carry a sack of fruits or packs of nuts and fresh berries.

All these nutritious and healthy food products are combined into one ready-to-eat product. A granola bar is rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.

There are many varieties of granola bars. Some of them include sugar, some don’t. The healthiest bars don’t include any white sugar, frosting, or low-quality syrups. The best and healthiest bars are soaked with natural honey or healthy plant-based syrups.

Granola bars are low-fat healthy snacks. You can make granola bars by yourself at home or purchase a few in the nearest store. Granola bars often include different superfood products such as chia seeds, berries, nuts, etc.

Granola bars are easy-to-digest so you can use them as an afternoon snack. But there’s a good use for eating them in the morning. They are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. Those nutrients provide long-lasting energy and vigor as well as you will provide yourself with well-balanced and nutritious breaks if you will eat granola bars regularly.

Fresh Snacks

vegan fruity snacks

The best healthy vegan snacks consist of fresh and green food products such as fruits and berries. There’s no doubt that exactly fresh foods are the healthiest. Fruits and berries are low-calorie snacks and the ideas of fresh, green, and fruity snacks have no limits.

Simple but yet healthy and savory snacks could consist of only a few bananas or an apple with a grab of berries. To feel nourished you should eat bananas because they have a relatively high caloric level.

healthy snack

To gain the maximum health benefits you should eat berries such as blueberry, cranberry, and raspberry combined with avocadoes or apples. Of course, they are not cheap and you may feel a little hunger after such a snack, but this is a perfect snack variant in terms of health benefits and nutritional value.

But you can’t eat only low-calorie fruits and berries although they are perfect as healthy vegan snacks. You should add some nuts or seeds for savor and nourishment. Avocado slices can be both. It is nutritious, healthy, and brings a feeling of savory. Also, avocados are abundant with rare amino fatty acids and healthy plant-based fats.

Vegetables can serve as snacks too. Peeled and sliced carrot, cucumber, or potato could be a great additive to your daily ration, especially if you don’t eat salads regularly. Apples, bananas, strawberries, avocados, and vegetables can play the role of one of your intraday snacks.

Dried Fruits

healthy savory snacks

Dried fruits are another example of healthy vegan snacks. They preserve the most nutritional qualities that fresh fruits have but they’re dense and more nourishing than fresh fruits because of their structure.

Dried fruits are rich in fiber and antioxidants as well as contain various nutrients. Magnesium, fiber, vitamin C, sodium, iron, and calcium are only a few of them. Dried fruits could be mixed with plant-based yogurt or plant-based milk.

Nuts and Seeds

the healthiest vegan snack

Nuts are the healthiest vegan snack ever because the amount of healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins in them is overwhelming. Seeds have similar nutritional properties. Various granola bars include nuts and seeds. These products could be found in granolas, mueslis, and salads.

A grab of nuts and seeds constitutes a perfect vegan healthy snack. The best of it is that you don’t need to cook them. You can buy roasted nuts and seeds in a shop but you need to remember that heat treatment lowers their nutritional quality.

Nuts and seeds are high-caloric and contain a lot of fats. Those are healthy fats but still, you should be cautious. Pre-dinner time is the best time for nuts and seeds because your body will have enough time to properly digest them. If you eat nuts or seeds right before going to bed, your body will transform them into fat.


If you decide to purchase snacks in a shop, be careful. Most store-bought snacks contain big numbers of sugars, artificial sweeteners, and flavor additives. Such snacks cannot be called healthy or nutritious because factory-produced food goes through intense treatment that significantly reduces its nutritional properties and possible health benefits.

It is very easy to make yourself a list of healthy vegan snacks that will serve you as efficient support during the working week. Nuts, fresh fruits, sliced vegetables, granola bars, roasted seeds, bananas, vegan yogurt, and plant-based milk are only a few of them. Feel free to seek and explore.

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