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Fooditive Group Has Now Turned to Producing Plant-Based Dairy and Meat Alternatives

Producing Plant-Based Dairy

Fooditive Group has started producing vegan products. They use peas to produce vegan casein through fermentation. Today, this is a common area of cell farming that is being promoted to get rid of factory farming.

According to the company, it is the very first vegan casein available in the general food industry.

About Vegan Casein

Vegan Casein

The Dutch firm uses special technology to recreate a similar protein to cow’s milk, but without using animal products. To do this, the company has created a way to copy the DNA of beta-casein found in regular cow’s milk.

Fooditive Group is confident that their alternative could be used to create plant-based milk, cheese, yogurt, and meat.

Firms are now free to develop their own beta-casein plant-based food options. Some of them are already well-liked by consumers.

“Fooditive” will bring its new products to market in 2022, but the exact launch date is not yet known.

Ending the Сonsumption of Animal Products

Animal Products

Many influential people support cell farming. Fermentation may be a relatively new term to the public, but everyone is already talking about it becoming a familiar method in the alternative protein world within a decade.

Dairy and meat products are now resource-intensive, so further development of plants using cell farming is expected around the world.

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