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General Mills Cheese Company Uses New Quality Whey Protein with No Harm to Animals

General Mills Cheese Company

General Mills, an American food company of repute, recently announced the launch of its first plant-based Bold Cultr cheese. The base uses an innovative animal-free whey for an alternative dairy flavor, but without harming animals. The beginning of the brand’s history was with the first cream cheese, and now General Mills produces different flavors and types of vegan cream cheese. The range also includes vegan cheese slices and bites.

The company’s conscious concept is focused on replacing the conventional cheeses consumers are used to. The brand uses an innovative animal-free whey protein from Perfect Day to create its food products. The whey process involves creating the protein through an alternative fermentation process. Bold Cultr uses only proven cheesemaking techniques to make its delicacies.

The cult brand Bold Cultr was founded by Drake Ellingbow, Laura Engstrom and Illema Amegatcher, whose goal was to replace animal foods with equally delicious plant-based options. As the popularity of vegan types of food increased, so did the need for plant-based cheese, with its delicate flavor, perfect texture and unforgettable flavor, just like regular cheese. The company has merely satisfied the desires of today’s consumers. But they ended up solving the problem of vegan cheese consumption.

General Mills Manufacturing

Bold Cultr are part of General Mills, which have teamed up to increase the scale and speed of production. The innovation they have created together is an example of awareness and responsibility in today’s world. The first successful product from Bold Cultr is proof that they are evolving and always ready to learn in the food industry.

Bold Cultr is available online at the company’s website and at select Hy-Vee supermarkets in Minnesota. Rise Bagel Co. in Minneapolis also plans to promote vegan cream cheese beginning in January of the new year. The company wants to expand its retail network soon.

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