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Global Polluter Company Coca-Cola Launched a Bottle Made of Plant-Based Plastic

Coca-Cola Launched a Bottle Made of Plant-Based Plastic

An alternative to plastic in the packaging of everyone’s favorite soda is now made on a plant-based basis, using sugar from corn.

The biggest drinks company has not had the best reputation as an environmental polluter in recent years, so it just had to make a change.

Just recently, Coca-Cola finally unveiled its first ever biodegradable plastic bottle. The company has been working on environmental technology for years to create a bottle with 100 percent plant material, aiming for the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Bio-Plastic without Harming the Environment

Bio-Plastic without Harming the Environment

The new bottle design features plant-based paraxylene with a percentage of sugar from corn. Coca-Cola has collaborated with Virent, a company that makes plant-based plastics, and together they have developed the formula for the ideal final product.

According to Coca-Cola itself, their new technology is ready to be introduced around the world, although the cap and label of the bottle still needs to be refined.

Nevertheless, it’s great that such a large company has finally recognized the importance of caring for the environment and has translated this into its product technology.

And the Break Free From Plastic movement, with more than 11,000 organizations and individual supporters, has been pleasantly surprised by Coca-Cola’s trend and is actively monitoring their further development towards an eco-culture.

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