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Historical Minimum of Meat and Dairy Consumption Has Been Noted in Finland

meat and dairy consumption reduction

Natural Resources Institute Finland has conducted a study that says that meat and dairy consumption has been dropped to a historical minimum.

Fins, whose diet consists primarily of animal-based products such as meat, dairy, and starchy vegetables, and whole grains, now give preference to plant-based products such as citruses, oats, and vegetables.

According to the Natural Resources Institute Finland, a regular fin had consumed around eighty kilos of meat annually but since 2018 this number had decreased significantly. Now, the meat consumption decreased by ten percent while the dairy consumption decreased by five percent.

Pork is the most unpopular meat, according to a recent study. Its consumption decreased the most compared with other meat sorts. Thus, the consumption of poultry increased by four percent.

Such changes are a little bit controversial but they can be easily explained. Fins are one of the most ecological nations on the planet and they are very concerned about their pristine nature. People’s awareness about the destructive impact of the meat industry on the environment might have caused such changes in the dietary habits of the whole nation.

More and More Fins Are Turning to a Vegan Diet

meat consumption

More and more fins are turning to a vegan diet according to the Pellervo Economic Research PTT. A plant-based ration is much healthier than an omnivorous diet and people’s awareness about that has increased its popularity in times.

Meat and dairy industries experience tremendous crises because people all around the planet are refusing to eat meat and dairy because of environmental, health, and ethical aspects.

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