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Hooked Up Ab Company from Sweden Launches First Vegan Substitutes for Tuna and Salmon

vegan tuna and salmon substitutes

Hooked Up’s vegan tuna and salmon substitutes will be the first plant-based alternatives to these fish products.

Shredded salmon paste and tuna meat are the most demanded fish products on the Scandinavian market. Hooked Up’s founders Tom Johansson and Emil Wastesson decided to release the first vegan substitutes to fish meat products.

Hooked Up produces shredded salmon paste from soy protein, carrot extract, and seaweed oils. Smoked ingredients are used in order to achieve a characteristic fish-meat smell to make Hooked Up products more appetizing to the public.

Traditional Scandinavian cuisine includes a big amount of seafood. More than half of Scandinavian diet consists of seafood. Salmon and tuna are the most demanded fish products along with herring and squid so it’s very important to develop vegan alternatives to animal-based seafood products.

Hooked Up Company plans to develop new vegan products such as vegan squid and prawns. Vegan alternatives to salmon and tuna have appeared just in time considering the environmental state of the World Ocean.

Marine life is experiencing a tremendous crisis due to the unregulated market’s demand and irresponsible consumption of seafood. More than eighty percent of all marine inhabitants had been exterminated by trawlers and fishermen since the 1910s.

Such rapid reduction of marine life can cause complete devastation of the oceans which can be compared with the last Mass Extinction which had occurred sixty-five million years ago. Hooked Up is a pioneer which can become the leader in vegan seafood distribution.

Industrial fish and shrimp breeding negatively affect the environment polluting the water and releasing toxic substances such as antibiotics, micro-plastic particles and mercury. The global transition to plant-based seafood alternatives can prevent the complete devastation of the oceans and environmental pollution.

It will be a long time before world society rejects fish and seafood products and transmits to plant-based alternatives. By that time, our planet could be irreversibly changed.

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